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    The Dog and the Snake

    by , 05-15-2013 at 01:04 AM (265 Views)
    In the dream I was in an area that was somewhat similar to NA. The trailer that I lived in was across the road from Jasper's family's house, though the distance was longer (though certainly not long enough to be considered a true distance) than what it is in reality. There were several trees that dotted the place and the sky was overcast, as so many of my dreams are.

    I had taken my dog, Romeo, outside for a walk and, upon seeing some of my school friends such as Jarold across the street, went over to that direction. Perseus and Kylar were also there, getting drunk--despite having no alcohol in the immediate vicinity and not actually having had consumed any. Neither Jarold nor Kylar looked as they do in waking life, with Jarold looking slightly more boyish and Kylar looking as if he was molded out of clay by a semi-talented Art I student (I remember that Kylar's pants were low on him and he was wearing no underwear. his private area was clayish as well).

    While I was walking around the yard, I heard a hissing sound coming from under the porch. Knowing that it was a snake I quickly dodged out of the way and drug my dog behind me. Jarold took my place and took care of it, however, fairly quickly. My dog's leash and collar unhooked and Romeo ran off. I was able to get somewhat close to him a few times but (just as in real life) was never able to actually get him. Since Perseus was so close, I asked him to get Romeo for me. Despite him being "drunk," he consented.

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    Tags: alcohol, romeo
    non-lucid , dream fragment