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    Bus/Train trip, challenges.

    by , 11-15-2020 at 02:31 PM (72 Views)
    I'm sitting on a train/bus of some kind. There are challenges where we collect point. I have collected 2 points. There are some challenges only girl can do so they all have 4 points each.

    Notes: I watched The Silent Revolution yesterday. I think the bus/train I sat in came from there.

    I'm tired and thinking if it is a dream. There are some weird patterns showing and I get a bit scared. I try to wake up but remember that it's only a dream. I try to keep myself in the dream but wake up.

    I'm in a big house with some evil and good people. The evil person is able to kill us all and a good guy disables him and transform him into ash. The good guy takes the ash and throw it into a water pool next to us. The evil person survives and starts to chase us. We run away and I ask the good guy what the different fighting styles are called. He doesn't know.

    Notes: My brother played a game yesterday and I saw a water pool there.

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    Tags: evil vs good