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    Fighting men in my house. Sleeping 10 hours in order to get lucid.

    by , 12-02-2020 at 09:45 AM (306 Views)
    I have very high lucid chances when I go to sleep again in the morning. That's why I set an alarm 9 am and re-sleep when I wake up in the morning.

    I'm home and there is some kind of big man without a shirt I'm fighting against. He weights about 300 kg maybe. He is in our kitchen and I try to hit him but he doesn't get hurt. Another man enters the room who is at the big man's team. He is tall and thin. I tell them that this is unfair and I ask them where my teammates are. They are quiet as if they are hiding something. I say a weird name, Galatzhar or something. I ask them where this man is because I need him in order to be able to punch the big man. They don't know who I'm talking about. I go look in the house for my teammates. When I enter my parent's room they are sleeping next to each other. I come back to the kitchen and now my mom stands there. I get somewhat lucid and tell myself it is a dream loudly but I wake up.

    I wake up 7.30 am and go to the bathroom. I go to sleep again and enter a dream.

    I'm home and see that the clock is 17:00. I become lucid and walk out. I fly over some buildings and I am a little bit afraid that someone will grab me but it doesn't happen. I try to summon someone who will start to fly next to me but it fails. I want to fly to a star and I see one. I start to fly to it but it disappears. I look for another one but I can't find one. A star appears at the top of my vision. As I move my eyes to look at it the star moves away, always so that it is at the top of my vision. It's moving out from my view so that I can never look at it directly. I ignore that I can't see a star and just fly up into the darkness. As I fly it becomes darker and darker. I start to lose myself to the darkness. The sense of my body slowly disappears. I close my eyes and think to myself that it is going to be a FA in my bed. I wake up in my room and I'm not sure if it is a dream. I do my RC but I'm still not sure. I try to turn on the switch to the lamps with my mind but fail. I try to do some telekinesis to a book and succeed. I open up my window and fly out. It's dark outside. I fly to a big house and ask if anyone is home through a window. A girl in my age answers. The windows are too small to enter through. I start to punch the brick wall and I am able to destroy it. She is amused and says that it is another way to enter. She is playing some kind of Mario game on a small TV screen by her feet as she lays on a sofa. The TV screen is in a bad position for her so I use my telekinesis in order to fix it. It is fairly hard but I am able to fix it. I lay on the other side of the sofa with my head against her lap. I think about whether I should play Mario with her. The dream fades away.

    Notes: I have tried to reach the stars several times now. Maybe I need another approach. I want to learn how to walk through walls so that I don't need to enter through windows all the time.
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