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    Gaming, Lego, transformation.

    by , 10-03-2020 at 11:58 AM (180 Views)
    Had a bunch of dreams but was to lazy to write them down. Thought I would remember them. I only remembered the last dream of the night.

    My view is third person and I'm in some kind of League of Legends game. The map is transforming into a new map. There are no fountains or defensive towers anymore. There is a hedge building in the middle that I walk to. There are some enemies there that I do some kind of delayed AoE damage ability on. A character from Bleach is there and I escape. New dream stage. I'm in the big room upstairs in our home and look on the projected screen on the white wall. There is a lego female that makes an announcement about the big change in League of Legends. The female is transformed into a lego man with a mustache. I think if it is sexist to do that for a while but decide that it is only natural to have equally many female and male announcers.

    Notes: I played a game of League of Legends with my cousin some days ago. I fixed the hedges at my job some days ago too. I haven't thought about Bleach I think. I haven't thought about lego either. In school we watched a documentary about the female roll in history and that she has been constantly badly treated. The announcer in the documentary was a female and my teacher talked about how it would be weird if it was a male.
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