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    Hanging out

    by , 08-12-2021 at 11:04 PM (360 Views)
    I'm flying over town half lucid. I see Elina and wonder why it's always my family I meet in my dreams. This thought triggers it so that a friend of Elina appears next to her and I interact with her instead. She is blonde and tall with a face of someone who takes a lot of energy. We walk down to my house and go to the guest room downstairs. We cuddle and an enchanting atmosphere is there. She is not very interested in me but I am happy. An old evil man enters and I escape by flying through the window. I ask her if we can meet up somewhere else and she agrees. I fly to a building and meet up with her later on in a different house. I don't want to break the window and walk in through the door instead.

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    Tags: cousins, flying, home, love
    lucid , non-lucid