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    Japan. Trade your clothes store, young mom. Mini monsters.

    by , 11-01-2020 at 11:32 AM (37 Views)
    I'm in our kitchen but it is in Japan. There are some people from church in Kristianstad there and they talk about fighting. I ask them if you can punch someone in a special way and one of them punch me that special way when I ask. He punches me so hard that I fall to the ground and can't stant up at first. When I lie on the ground I am supposed to do sit-ups. They tell me to take my hands to protect my face. The right hand is supposed to be just under the nose and the left hand over the nose. Every third sit-up I am supposed to punch the air two times. Benjamin and Samuel show me how to do it. They look very weak and they have a really hard time doing the sit-ups. I walk to the dining room and there are the Japanese family. There are some rings on the table and I look at them. They are bent in ways so you can't wear them anymore. Monica is there and she teaches me how to make a "burva" (In my dream a burva is a small paper cone). I succeed in the first try. I tell her that I will never have any use for this knowledge. She tells me that you must know these things in order to succeed in life. I say something mean about the Japanese family to dad but realizes that they might have heard me. I look around and find that no one is there. I wonder to myself why people travel the world, for example to Japan. I think that it is because humans are good to adapt. Therefore they can adapt to different countries and have a good time at different places.

    Notes: The Japanese family was the rich mom and dad from the movie Parasite. We talked about Benjamin yesterday. I have just seen some bad sides of Samuel and I think that his weakness in the dream is a sign of how I view him. I often have conversations about how most things in school you learn is useless that reminds me a lot of the conversation I had with Monica in the dream.

    I wake up 03.20 and try to wild but fail. It is frustrating that I can't succeed.

    I had an alarm 10.00 and turned on the lamp. I wanted to remember some more of my dream so I went to my bed again and closed my eyes. I dreamt about the two next dreams after that.

    My view is following my mom when she was about my age. She talks about how her seven scarfs disappointed her when she wore them. She and her famiy walk to a "trade your clothes for other cloth store". Someone of the girls is complaining about how poor they are. There is a room with different red and black striped shirts. Mom is becoming a bit crazy and grandma tell mom that she shouldn't have too many red and black striped shirts. I think it is weird to only have shirts of one style in your wardrobe. Mom already has a red and black striped shirt that looks about the same as the ones she takes. Grandma takes the shirts to the checkout and leaves two other shirts and takes mom's shirts. I get a body of my own now and walk to the exit. There is a painting on the ground about how you should not buy things if you can't afford it and a poor man that is standing alone in a store.

    Notes: Mom's family was a bit poor when they were younger. I saw a poster about a store where you trade clothes for other clothes about two weeks ago. I wore a black and red striped shirt yesterday.

    I'm outside our house and I am supposed to find out if the mini monsters are friendly or bad. Me and Morgan see the monsters behind a big house. The monsters comes to us and we wonder if they are evil.

    I wake up 10.45

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