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    Magic guitar man Martin and bad dad

    by , 09-26-2020 at 03:32 PM (64 Views)
    I'm in a big hall with my family. I see an audience and Martin (Kajsa's Martin) holds a guitar and is playing. He suddenly takes the guitar in one of his hands and stretches it out. While he stands there holding in his guitar, he is simultaneously playing with the fingers of that hand. It looks amazing and I am astounded. He is playing some kind of Cmaj7 chord by the look of his hand (Barre at the third fret) but it sounds like a regular C chord. I take another guitar and tries to do the same thing. It looks like a six-string guitar but it feels like a twelve-string guitar when I hit the strings.

    Notes: I heard Martin would see us yesterday.

    I've been drinking alcohol and am intoxicated. Dad is drinking alcohol and is laying in a bed. Me and mom is complaining at him but he is just dodging us. Mom asks him why he would have kids if he would turn up like this.

    Notes: Me and dad is not drinking alcohol at all. I saw my friends drinking yesterday. Maybe that was why.

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