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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    Non lucid lucid dream

    by , 05-28-2020 at 08:44 PM (57 Views)

    I used the mantra "I am going to wake up after each dream and remember it". I woke up four times tonight and wrote down my dreams when I woke up each time.

    "I know it's a dream but I feel obliged to help you!" I say to my brother in my room. He says something and I look behind my bed for important papers that are supposed to help me help my brother. I walk to the bathroom. I become more lucid and decide to do some experiments. I look on my fingers and they are almost normal, just a little bit small. I have wondered this week if I have my glasses on in my dreams. I got glasses two years ago and I'm not sure if my brain gives me glasses in my dreams so I check in the mirror. I don't have any glasses and my view gets a bit muddy. My brain understood that I didn't have my glasses and made my view bad. I block my view from the mirror with my hand and excpect the glasses to be on when I move my hand. When I move my hand I have glasses on me. But on the left side the glasses are inside my head. I adjust the glasses but my view gets even worse with the glasses on. I take of the glasses and my view turns back to normal.

    I fly over the city I live in and William appears, I ask him if he is my dream guide. He replies. "I am not your dream guide. dream guides are only for those who have mastered dreaming." I keep on walking. This dream was a little bit lucid but not that much.

    I am with my cousins who all eat cereals. I am the only one who don't eat. Some of them drink milk from baby bottles. Oskar asks me if I can sit next to him and I do. I put my chin to his baby chin and go back to my chair.

    I wake up in the night and test out WILD. I suddenly have my arms in another position and I think I moved them without noticing. But I realize I fell asleep and moved my arms in the sleep. I try to remember if I dreamed and remembered this dream.

    I'm sitting in the kitchen and mom is sitting next to me. There are some cookies on a plate on the table. Mom says that she got them free from her work. We eat them but I don't remembered the taste.

    I'm walking fast to school and see Max B on the way. Our eyes meet when we are about three meters away but I quickly move on. He's talking with his friends and I don't want to interact with them. Max is waiting for the train but I walk to the bus. We have a math assignment and I tell the buss driver about it. He says that he knows exactly how it feels and I feel comforted. The bus is driving to my old school Rosenfeldt.

    Possible recurring elements: My brother and chaos, my house, the city I live in, William, my cousins, school, math

    Notes: I have had the theme of my brother in chaos very much lately. Today I spent time with him. I read a dream journal about someone who had their dad as her dream guide. I also watched a TV episode about a person who is dreaming and talking with his dream guide. That's why I dreamt about dream guides. I am with my cousins very much and it is only natural for me to dream about them. My mom have brought cookies from her job sometimes in the past but not this year at all. I thought I saw Max B yesterday when I got my food from school but it was someone else I didn't know. That's why I dreamt about him. I have had a hard math assignment about proving a math theorem about matrixes and eigenvectors that I worked with a lot yesterday with. I proved it today and I'm so relieved.

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