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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes


    by , 10-28-2020 at 12:10 PM (39 Views)
    I'm in a snowy place and I am looking up a hill. There are my Norwegian cousins. There is a man that I don't know who is about to slide down the snow hill with only his skiing boots on. He succeeds and is very happy with himself because of his old age (he is about 45 years old). I have skies on me and ski with Tobias. I walk into a hut but my vision is getting darker and I can't control my legs properly. I fall down on the ground and look up. There is a small girl about 13 years old that is caring for me. She lies next to me and is kind of petting me. I think it is awkward to lie so close to her and that if someone sees they might get the wrong idea. I still like her company because I havn't got any power to stand up. I see Stefan but he likes that she cares for me.

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