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    WILD attempt nr 10.

    by , 05-21-2020 at 08:54 AM (201 Views)

    I go to bed 22.40 and just lie in the corpse position. I know that the best time to WILD is late in your sleep but I just want to practice to lay absolutely still and learn to control my thoughts. I've watched so much series the last two days that I have begun to see pictures of all the emotion scenes in the series I watch. I can't tell if it's dreams or my imagination when I woke up this morning. Anyways. I had some really strong HH after about 20 minutes I think. I feel like my arms is inside my bed behind my back and my eyes get confused and don't know where to look. There is a very strong feeling of fire inside my left arm and it slowly spreads to my right arm. The fire doesn't hurt or is warm but when it started to appear the first word that popped up to describe it was fire. The fire is paralyzing and I'm not sure if I can move my arm. I try to send some signals to my finger in the left arm and the fire disappears locally where I sent the signal.

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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      WILD is possible just about anytime- the basis is good concentration and relaxation. These may be trained together.
      I made this exercise for getting out of body, but the last step can be changed for imagination and with that you will go WILD instead of out of body:
      a) Relaxation of striated muscles- I concentrate on weight of my hand, I feel it and I make that feeling as strong as possible, and again stronger. I let that feeling of weight progress through whole body. When all my body feels heavy, I concentrate on deepening of that feeling... This relax skeletal striated muscles.
      (a little help: It may help you to make a bath. Relax in it for 10 minutes or so. Then pull the plug a little, so water pours out for long time. Relax further in bath. As water level goes down your body will start to touch bottom of bathtub. Relax and concentrate on body feelings. You will feel how your body goes heavier and heavier as water level goes down. Stay relaxed in empty bathtub for as long as it is not distracting. Remember this feeling of going heavier and heavier. Thats the way you should feel it if you are relaxing in right way.)
      b) Relaxation of smooth muscles- Concentration on warmth in my hand. It feels like I have my hand in warm water, and water is warmer and warmer... liquid fire in my hand. Very pleasant and very hot. I let that liquid fire flow up my hand to other hand, and when my hands are warm, I let that warmth flow to my feet... At last I let spiral that warmth from my hands and legs into solar plexus. Now, I don't do it because of third chakra, but because warmth leads to relaxation of smooth muscle tissue of digestive tract.
      For WILD:
      With autogenic relaxation I can reach quite quickly sleep paralysis state after years of training. If I want a WILD I look for imagination. I don't need to go as far in relaxation as for OBE. It is enough to relax and concentrate enough to melt disturbances in body and mind. You don't need to leave thinking processes.
      1. flash pictures- you can use them to make your dream world... Concentrate on that flashes. If they are real enough there is probability they will take you into them. You will dream in that picture.
      2. imagined pictures- harder than flash imagination pictures, you prepare your picture for longer time. You make finer touches to your picture and at some point it is good enough for starting dream inside of them(picture will pull your mind inside).
      3. Imagination of tunnel. That one I use most often. My tunnel starts as ring, inside ring, inside ring... I let ring grow... then second one inside first, then third... and I let them grow. It creates illusion of flight in tunnel. At some point your mind will feel the flight. And your tunnel will be more refined as time goes, till you fly at the end of it and into larger country.
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    2. JakeMcDake's Avatar
      Wow thank you so much for the consideration Psionik! I often use the relaxation of striated muscles to loosen my body. This night I actually had my first moving picture, a scene, when I tried a WILD. Next time I see flash pictures I will follow your piece of advice about concentrating on the pictures and enter the dream that way. I read one of your posts before about imagination of tunnel and tried it out. Now afterwards I realize my body was not sufficiently relaxed for me to succeed. But now when I have trained my relaxation skills I will definetly try it out again. Thanks again!
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