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    Zombies. Breathing out candy.

    by , 05-26-2021 at 08:12 PM (236 Views)
    The environment is dark colored and I'm with a party of grown ups. I'm able to choose a companion that will help me out and I scroll through the selections. They are all grey looking and pretty boring but with different shapes. One is formed as an egg, one is a bit scary, one is looking very tired. I look at about 15 of them until I am interupted. A party member's zombie is eating her up. The zombie is streching its mouth really much so that the whole head fits in its mouth.

    I'm in my brother's bed and I'm sick. Every time I breathe out a green round rubbery candy with white powder on it rolls out. Some older people from the last dream walks in. They are telling me I have some kind of disease and they seem a bit disgusted. I taste one of the candies and they are pretty good.

    Notes: I hid in my brother's bed yesterday.

    I notice it's a dream and fly up. I hit a cloud wall and fly through it. I keep on flying and hit another cloud wall. I keep on flying and see the third cloud wall but the dream becomes unstable and I can't remain.

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