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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Stupid Alarm

      by , 04-01-2013 at 12:28 PM
      1/04/13 Again the same conditions as last night, only this morning my phone alarm woke me unexpectedly which obliterated my recall D: Oh well this is the first time I have remembered more than one dream.

      I was in a playground with a young Leonardo DiCaprio and a girl that I had never seen before, we were surrounded by zombies that were not attacking us rather they were attacking a man atop the slide. For some reason we didn't save him. Then in real life my alarm rang and woke me. I put it on snooze and went back to bed.

      I was now in my drama lesson and the boys around were handling dollar bills so I assumed that for this project we were going to get paid. As I walked out of the lesson into the dining hall with this boy called Aaron there was a Asda store where food was usually served. He told me that he was having work experience there and jumped over the counter and took a cinnamon bun.

      Then I was walking home in the dark with my friend called Jess and she was telling me she wanted to be a director when she was older, I remember thinking to myself 'as if...'

      Ill try the FILD technique tonight hopefully I'll get somewhere with that. The purple represents the strange context of my dream (one of my dream signs is being somewhere new).

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    2. Painful rejection

      by , 03-31-2013 at 08:55 AM
      31/3/13 Same conditions as last night -.- I recorded my voice this morning instead of writing it out.

      I started heading to a rec centre/youth club with my friends Emma and Aaron to go a an old friend called Josh. I was dreading it as I had two pieces of paper that contained information about me and Josh that I had typed up (rather similar to a diary entry) on a website.

      Once inside, we all sat down and Josh started saying that I needed to remove the diary entry as he would never ask me out, I had written that we were dating. I was crushed. Aaron took his side speaking to me as if he was my father; telling me off severely.
      Soon after I left in hysterics, felling humiliated (I know even the dream version of me is a drama queen).

      Suddenly, I was on my way to a biology lesson with my friend Charlie and this kid Evan from school. Evan was being loud so this scary teacher came to tell him off whilst me and Charlie ran too our separate lessons. The assistant teacher of this lesson was taking our names and when I told him he spelt my name wrong he answered "Sometimes people get names wrong, even yours" I sat at the desk still feeling sad.

      Recall massively improved from last night, dream signs are emerging.

      Teal = Awareness dream sign
      Purple= Context dream sign

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