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    by , 10-28-2019 at 09:36 AM (65 Views)
    had a dream that my mum wanted to go hajj. then later while talking to my dad he told me that she had left. then i said, in a shaky, almost crying voice that why hadn't she said bye at least. then i ran in to the toilet and some weird stuff happened. i looked in the mirror and then some green goblin appeared. i got so scared. then more weird stuff came up in the mirror then i decided to try put my finger through my palm and i forced it to happen and it did happen. so then i found myself inside water with a whole bunch of fishes just trying to stay calm so i don't go out of this supposed lucid dream. then i tried to change the dream and make some hot woman appear. not happy at all about that since one of the main reasons i decided to not learn lucid dreaming many years ago when i first heard about it was because i thought it wasn't right to just imagine girls and start doing inappropriate stuff. oh well.

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