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    After 4 years, I'm back!!

    by , 11-02-2018 at 05:08 AM (186 Views)
    It's been 4 years since I last was into lucid dreaming. I seem to only keep interest in dreaming, as long as I have the extra energy in my real life to do all the stuff necessary for it, like the awareness stuff, RCing and so on.
    Ohh well! I'm back now!! And I hope it's for good!

    Let's get to the dream.
    I was in a warehouse like building. There was a bunch of people in there, and a bunch of random stuff like tables, whiteboards, chairs, random parkour equipment. I found out all the people in the room were people I knew. All the people I knew through sports, primarily rock climbing and parkour. I was doing some parkour challenges with some of the guys, and there was this one challenge we couldn't do. Then I told my friend "normally I can just shoot out webs like Spider-Man, so this should be easy". I tried doing it, but failed miserably.... however I got fully lucid from this!!
    i did the nose plug RC, and it worked. I was finally lucid!!! (I got back into lucid dreaming just 2 days ago, so it's good to see results already! Even though I got lucid in a decently inconsistent way IMO). I started swinging around like Spider-Man, however I was only able to shoot webs with my left hand. Well I didn't care, cuz I was finally lucid, and I just wanted to experience this dream and interact with some DCs. I used a couple of minutes doing that, and then I decided to do the nose plug once more. However it FAILED. I tried another RC, counting my fingers I counted to 5 but it was blurry and weird but I didn't care.... I lost lucidity. The dream went on and some normal stuff happened. More friends showed up and I said hi to them.

    Well I wish I was lucid longer. But good start!!
    I have been having trouble with the nose plug before, but that's primarily when my allergies are going crazy in real life. I need to get used to becoming lucid and staying lucid without the nose plug. Even though it is the most effective RC for me I feel.
    This lucid was VERY vivid. There was no floating going on or anything. Everything was soooo vivid.
    Goal for next lucid is to do some climbing related movements!

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