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    It's been a loooong time since last entry

    by , 01-10-2014 at 07:29 AM (383 Views)
    I haven't been writing any DJ entries for quiet s one time now, mainly because of lack of lucids, lack of wifi and because I have been lazy... However tonight, I had 2 lucids in a row. I m not gonna write it down, because I have to go to work soon. But both were DILDs. And the last one was a false awakening.
    The first one was the longest and clearest lucid I have ever had! But me dream control, such as flying a spend such, SUCKED. I couldn't fly, but I could move freely, like in the real world.

    The second lucid, I woke up in my bedroom with my gf next to me. I tried to change the scenery by swiping 4 fingers from right to left, like you do on an iPhone or iPad. It partially worked, however after some tries, I ended up in the bedroom anyways.

    Good lucids!!!!!!


    In my first dream, I actually tried to RC before I got lucid. But my RC somehow failed.it might have been because I was rcing while I was on a REALLY big water slide. I was at a water park with my gf and some friends. After trying out the water slide, I went to my friends. When I got to them, one of them were hitting on this hot Brazilian woman. He failed big time and she was about to leave. I just got there in time. I told him he could do what ever he wanted with her, since this is a dream. Boom I became lucid, and did a RC just to make sure. i didn't want to waste my lucid on a girl, so I exited the water park through a couple of big yellow exit doors. I got outside and tried moving like I do in real life, while waiting to wake up. I didn't wake up, and I was able to move freely. I saw some guys training parkour. I went to them and tried flying also. I couldn't fly properly though... Bad dream control.
    This was the longest lucid I have had, but I can't remember tall the details, because it's from around 4-5am, and it's 8am right now..

    After this, I think I had a false awakening. I woke up in my bedroom, with my gf next to me. She started turning in the bed, while moaning a bit. I thought she acted weird, and the feeling I had in my body was a bit different too. I tried to RC and it worked. i got lucid. The first thing I wanted to mod, was to get out of bed. But this time I tried something different. I swiped 4 fingers from right to left, like on an iPad, to try to change the scenery. I partially worked, and the scenery did change, but after some tries I ended up in my bedroom with a iPhone in my hands... I kinda panicked and felt I was waking up. I woke up.

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