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    Longest and most stable lucid dream ever!!!!

    by , 01-11-2014 at 03:57 AM (675 Views)
    I had a dream about parkour. I was out training with a lot of my friends.we had to catch the bus, but we missed it, or some of us did.
    The next thing I knew, everything was black, then I was in another dream. I knew it was a dream, so I did a RC. I got lucid. Fully lucid!!!! And the entire dream was sooooo vivid. And by the way, before going to bed I drank a lot of Apple juice LOL!!! Anyways, I got lucid in a what looked like a normal town. I felt the urge to enter a random building , so I did. I went through the kitchen window, and btw I remember someone on this forum saying passing through glass was funny, and yeah it kinda was. Well, I was a detective and about to solve a murder. I didn't want anything to do with that, so I went through the kitchen window, and onto the street.
    It was night time, and the town I was in looked like something from the French city Lisses. I wanted to fly in this lucid. Like proper flight! (I have had trouble flying my past lucids, so I was decided to make It happen tonight) I tried flying with my arms down my side, but it didn't work. I tried flapping them, but it didn't work. Then I tried with just one arm ip in the air, and boom. Super fast flight. Good feeling and my goal was accomplished. I flew around for a long time, getting the stearing mechanics down. I was still lucid, everything was super clear!
    Suddenly a voice from a movie started talking about the town I was in. I could here him, and went with the flow. I flew up, high up, until I reached the outer buble, kinda, of the towns airspace. The town warps somehow surrounded by a big piece of cloth. I mean, imagine a snow globe town, but instead of glass it would be green cloth surrounding the town. I broke through the cloth, and the speaker started talking about how the citizens had always wanted to leave the town.... I lost lucidity because I got too implemented in the plot.
    The dream continued for a bit, but was uninteresting.

    BEST lucid ever!!!! And I got the hang of flight!!!!! Yes!!!! Sooo awesome. Next goal would be to manipulate things. Telekinesis, make things out of nothing, and grow wings.
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      Nice adventure
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