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    Quick lucid

    by , 01-16-2014 at 07:37 AM (279 Views)
    I got lucid this night again. The way I happened was really smooth and easy. And I guess it seems like it was a DEILD. I'll explain.

    I had a pretty nice dream at first.it was about parkour and relationships with girls and a dog. I suddenly felt like I was about to wake up from the dream. I could feel me real body I my bed. I could feel the sheet of my bed, and the covers. I'd idnt panic, I tried to stay in the dream. Or maybe not stay in the dream, I kinda just went with what my mind wanted to do. It went like this.

    I was standing outside with a little crowd pele from my dream. There was a dog, who later in that dream had been a girl, my brother, and some other arkose guys. The crowd of people got bigger, and suddenly there were a couple of hundred people. I felt someone grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the crowd. I heard a loud voice say from a microphone, that I was gonna go see Ellen From The Ellen show. I felt like waking up. Being half asleep and half awake (I immediately recognized this feeling), I tried to relax and STAY in the dream. While still feeling my real body in my bed I forced myself to think about the plot of the dream. I imagined me being dragged away to see Ellen, and I kept doing that, until my thoughts got clear. The scene of me trying to find Ellen, got suuuuuper clear, and i could no longer feel my real body. I got lucid instantly, and did a RC just to make sure. I was in a room with Ellen, I turned around and the next thing I knew, she was gone. Well, I went out of the room and went through an open window. There were loads of snow outside, and the dream characters were all dressed in Santa clothes. I didn't mind any of them. I flew onto a small rooftop to get a overview, all whilst think what to do. I tried to remember what goals I had set in real life for my next lucid.i couldn't remember. I saw a dream character fly around with a big red umbrella. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to grow wings and fly only using them. I ripped my jacket and shirt of, and tried to grow wings. I remember bending myself forward and looking to my self side, at my shadow on the ground. I could see big wings grow from my back.
    Boom, my alarm clock went of and I woke up.. Nice! I remembered some of my goal. Next time is telekinesis and manipulating matter!

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