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    Zombie slashing and a quick lucid

    by , 11-04-2018 at 04:36 PM (388 Views)
    I'm kinda planning on not writing my non lucid dreams I this journal, but since I had 2 dreams tonight where one of them was a lucid, I'll put both in here.
    However, I did not write these 2 dreams down during the night, so I'll only put in some notes here.

    First dream, I was in a Arabic like city. I was traveling with a friend, and we were exploring the city. Suddenly we hear evacuation sounds, and people start fleeing. It turns out there was a zombie outbreak. I forgot something in a car, so I went to grab it. However the zombies caught up to me. Suddenly 3 super zombies appeared. The were wealding swords, and ran a sword fast as humans. I ran away, but one of the zombies eventually caught up with me, and slashed me up. I woke up.... awwwww

    The second dream I can't remember so well. However I remember how I got lucid. I was walking up some appartement stairs, and couldn't find the flat I was looking for. I randomly became lucid, since I knew I could just open a random door and it would lead me to where I wanted to go. I opened the door closest to me, and entered. I started feeling my real body, in my bed. I tried forcing a false awakening (I have had good experiences with forcing a false awakening when the lucid dream becomes unstable). However I just woke up.. my body felt heavy and it felt unreal. However I didn't bother RC..... was this really not a false awakening.. hmmmmm

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