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    Cat Attack/Quitting Job

    by , 08-09-2010 at 07:24 AM (571 Views)
    Cat Attack
    I dreamt that I was walking along a dock, carrying a box of chips to the boat to bring over to the island for work. A little cat walked past me and brushed my ankle. I turned around and suddenly the cat snarled and lunged at me. As it lunged it transformed into a giant and vicious monster. In less than a second its teeth grew massive and it looked deadly. I had a massive hypnic jerk and woke up, terrified.

    Quitting Job
    My boss has been really getting on my nerves lately, so it makes sense that I dreamt this. I dreamt I was putting up a post it note in my boss's office telling her that I was quitting work. What a relief!

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