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    Concert/Giant Robot

    by , 08-05-2010 at 07:18 AM (472 Views)
    First post in over a year! Wow!

    Here is what it says in my notebook:
    -alex denny, almost lucid, weird people, ranch, sucked into giant robot
    -Halloween cocert, go mom won't let us go, zev's tutor, chris and carsten hippies, SCI

    The first dream I have almost no memory of. I vaguely remember a large metal robot, but unfortunately remember no more. Too bad, because that must have been fun.

    The second dream I remember well. I was in a house with my family. This band I really like, Moe., was playing a giant concert for Halloween. The dream jumped perspective, so I could see all the fun stuff that was happening at the concert. I could see people in crazy costumes dancing and sneaking in through this cave-like opening. Then perspective shifted again and I could see this big blue skateboard ramp. Everyone riding it was really small. I guess my mom wouldn't let my brother and I go to the show. I don't remember much else. I don't remember anything about SCI (String Cheese Incident), another sick band. But I just saw them at Red Rocks in Colorado, it kicked ass.

    I'm going to try and keep updating this every night from now on.

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