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    Strange Happenings

    by , 08-11-2010 at 06:49 AM (581 Views)
    I'm tired so I'm going to be brief.

    I remember talking to a friend of mine. We were outside a swimming pool. I jumped in. Her cat was in the pool, swimming around and looking very strange. I realized I was in someone else's dream. I had a false awakening. I tried to write down my dreams on a whiteboard but they kept rubbing off. I woke up for real.

    I also vaguely remember something about a parallel universe. I think the dream was happening in a parallel universe. That is, I dreamed it did.

    Lasts Night's Dreams
    I forgot to write them down last night so here they are.

    I was running through a movie theater. I hopped over the a seat and landed on my butt next to some friends. Some older guy said, "Who invited the six year olds?" I went and looked at the candy. Next thing I am aware of, I am at this religious gathering. The leader is being ostracized for some crime. He has a necklace of beads, and breaks it, scattering beads across the ground. Everyone is in a circle, but I stand up and go into the center to pick up the beads.

    Then, I was in a high altitude vista, with these sweeping mountains. This guy was shining lights and I had to use a reflector to catch them. He was my coach for some team and was training me. A dog chased me as I tried to catch the light. I had to stand on a bench but I couldn't get it.

    A short fragment I remember is looking in a mirror and seeing that I had lots of facial hair.

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