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    My Worst Nightmare

    by , 01-11-2017 at 03:18 AM (76 Views)
    I'm in some grey building and my mom is there with me. A message on TV says there was a murderer or monster here and it is still here. We drop and spill a box filled with magnetic connector toys. My mom starts to clean it up and i turn around after hearing an animal screech. A man turned rhino and grotesque starts coming around the corner and I run back and try to get my mom to run away but she wont stop cleaning up. I run through the Mario world forward and there's a tan tank to the left and a Mario looking pyramid up ahead. I run inside and hide in one of many square spots in the pyramid. I hide, terrified and hear the door open and the monster walk in. I hold my breath, and the monster slowly walks over to my spot, stops, looks down into the spot I'm in. I wake up.

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