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    1. BGO interview fragment

      by , 02-05-2013 at 04:51 AM
      BGO interview folder (Non-lucid)


      I had my U.S. Navy folder that I picked up from the recruiter that came by school two weeks ago. Don't remember who, but some girl, a friend of mine, took a blue pen and scribbled the insides of the folder. I yelled at her "what the fuck, I need that folder for my BGO interview tomorrow! fojifesjiomkelsgrdjoimlge"

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      dream fragment
    2. Dangerous Day At School

      by , 01-30-2013 at 09:28 PM
      Dangerous Day At School (Non-lucid)


      I started walking down the hallway. I was in a four-story school with a large yard. I know this place is four stories and has a large yard because I've been here before. When I first moved to Albuquerque, I had dreams in this school with the exact same layout. In both the first two dreams and this dream, I assumed it to be the school I currently attend. I only knew of three floors at the time, however. I was on the third floor, walking forward. I passed by what, in the dream world, used to be my AP Bio classroom until I got switched out and put into AP Calculus AB. I walked down the first flight of stairs and saw a girl from my actual AP Calc class, she smiled at we exchanged greetings. As I reached the bottom of this flight of stairs, I moved forward to go to the next staircase. It was missing. There was a floor in its place.

      I have a note "cafeteria area" here in Banhurt's that I wrote when I woke up. I don't remember any cafeteria area. This may be the newly-added floor I was talking about, as I remember a structure that much resembles that of folded cafeteria tables surrounding.

      I started freaking out. I'm going to be late to class! I thought. I somehow made it down and was outside the school in a truck-loading area (much like you see behind grocery stores). This was called the "hooker wall," because prostitutes liked to hang here. I saw plenty of prostitutes on the truck platforms, leaning across the doors. They were trying to be seductive. Lots of men were around. This place was crowded and just shot fourth an aura of ghetto. I put my hand in my right pocket, firmly holding my knife (Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS) with my thumb positioned ready to flip the knife out if needed. I'm not sure why it was in my pocket instead of clipped ot my belt like it normally is. Must have been my mind's automatic reaction to trying to conceal it.

      Smith & Wesson Border Guard 2TS -- the knife I actually carry (SWBG2TS)

      As I looked over my shoulder on the other end of the truckloading lot, I saw a semi-transparent, ghostly Headless Horseman running at me with a fixed blade in his right hand. He was wearing a scarecrow outfit and was not on his horse.

      Headless Horseman figure, albeit with a knife instead of a crossbow, and one of the hookers. I know this is from a game I've been playing a TON recently (hence the dreams), but this is what one hooker and the assailant looked like.

      The knife held in the hand.

      The horseman stabbed at me, and I moved back and right. I thrusted forward and stabbed him right in the stomach, getting very nervous as I wasn't sure he would be hurt enough to not stab me with the knife floating just to my side. Somehow, though, the horseman did not stab me in my side. I turned around and ran into the nearest room, which looked like that of a shaggy old pub on halloween. There were dozens of these horsemen and similar "mob" creatures. I killed off a few, then ran through a doorway where an "air wizard" began to fight them off for me.

      This "air wizard" was from Maplestory. I even saw his skill book pop in front of my like a HUD. I said "oh, this must be after the Big Bang update (though in fact, no air wizards are in the game). He proceeded to use skills and kill many mobs.

      End memory.
    3. Shapeshifting Into Optimus Prime & An F22 Raptor. EPIC DREAM. (LONG)

      by , 08-07-2011 at 04:51 AM
      Shapeshifting Into Optimus Prime & An F22 Raptor. (DILD)


      I slept inside a sleeping bag on top of a (deflated) air matress in the back of a truck, with a tarp over the top to keep rain out. Not comfortable at all, for those who know how truckbeds are grooved. Also was sharing the space with my dad, so there wasn't much room at all. This was incredibly painful every time I woke up at night as the mattress had leaked air and I felt the hard bed, but couldn't move or else wake him up. It was about 45 degrees overnight and very humid.

      Maybe this is why I was so aware and everything was so vivid.

      I was on a walkway made of cobblestone, with an outdoor walkway covering over it. To the right was a huge grass field as far as the eye could see -- covered in dew, bright green, and all the same size -- the legnth of mowed grass, but came to a point instead of obvious flat cuts. To the left were some two and three-story tall buildings, laid out like a school (jagged, blocky) but the building in the middle was a blue-grooved-alluminum-made warehouse three stories high with four windows at the top. There was a thick fog which made it nice and cool, very humid, and low visibility.

      I was wearing black jeans and a turqoise plaid outer longsleeve shirt with a gray t-shirt under it. I had charcoal/white/turqoise Nike 6.0 shoes.

      I unbuttoned my shirt and started running, holding the shirt by the buttons and spreading it out, as if flashing somebody. I ran faster and faster until finally I jumped and the wind caught the flaps of my jacket. I immediately gained altitude quickly and was about 70 feet up before I turned around and kept flying.

      Dream skips

      Now I was lucid. There was no sudden realization or feeling of excitement. It was like most of my lucids... it just happens. I was back at the same walkway with a friend I'll refer to as "Summer."

      While I was lucid, I was unaware that the characters were not real people. One of the many different 'layers' of lucidity.

      General Weaver and Tom & Hal Mason from Falling Skies were there on this walkway. They were discussing the alien base a few miles ahead.

      We walked down this walkway and into the blue warehouse. On our way Weaver said "be careful, there's aliens out there." We went to the top floor and there was a locker room. Another person, whom I'll refer to as "Danielle" was there.

      To every Danielle I know, you're all blonde, but this is not you. Lol.

      She is about 115 pounds, 5'9 or 5'10, and has long blonde hair. She popped out from inside a locker behind some jackets, totally nude.

      I looked to the right and Summer was totally nude as well. And so was I.

      We knew it was a total maze to get to the third floor so we weren't too worried. We locked the door just in case, to give us enough time to put clothes on or hide.

      I opened up the Garry's Mod Spawn Menu in my HUD (err... immediate vision) and spawned two elongated blast doors.

      I pulled out my physgun and placed the doors across the windows to block the view and froze them in place.

      EDIT: removed

      Spoiler for Bigger Lulz' and more vulgar descriptions.. you've been warned.:

      In about twenty seconds this all happens and we go at it once again instantly.
      After about twenty more seconds the same happens, except Ozzy Osbourne eats the head off this bat instead of it exploding.

      Well, that was interesting.

      Dream skips

      I am in clothing again, still the same clothes. I fly down into the walkway and see a girl and her mother. I answered some sort of question the girl asked and the mother seemed happy I did.

      "Mommy he can fly!" she said.

      "Yeah that's nice honey. Come on now."

      I started running toward the other end of the walkway. She looked, just to itch that curiousity of disbelief to see if I could actually do it. I started running fast and faster pulling my outer shirt open again. I jumped and WHOOSH. Wind caught my shirt and I flew up and forward. I turned around and the mother was incredibly impressed and smiling. I had a little trouble controlling it as it was directed by wind (only for schemata purposes) and for a couple seconds I was randomly moving due to random wind. I quickly fixed this issue.

      I flew back down and landed upside on a walkway covering support pole just before she turned a corner. Just like Spider-Man does when he goes to kiss Mary-Jane.

      She freaked out.
      "No don't worry ma'am I won't!"
      "GET AWAY!"

      I climbed down and started running once more to takeoff... and started flying again. I flew up about 100 feet this time. It was incredibly humid and I flew at speeds of around 90mph. It was a perefect 65 degrees or so with humidity and wind when I flew as I was wearing two shirts and pants and shoes.

      I hovered upright then went up a bit and looked out into the field. "WOW, IT'S SO VIVID!" I thought. "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. WHAT A WONDERFUL DREAM."
      *caps lock necessary

      With all the intense excitement I never woke up. The dream never even faded, and I never even thought about it happening. The clarity just got better and better. I could see the dew on the grass from 100 feet up and all the blades with intense color without my glasses. The fog was still heavy but it made for great environment. I flew around, enjoying myself for a bit.

      Not the same environment, but that's literally how I was flying -- although I had my shirt flipped out in my hands when I moved forward at great speeds. With hovering I just let it sit on me normally.

      Dream skips

      I am just off the end of my "runway" looking toward it. I shapeshift into Optimus Prime (that's right, bitches!)

      You have absolutely NO idea how weird/epic it is when your body creates a nervous system for this 20-foot-tall (in the dream) mechanical transformers body made of metals and electricity and gears.

      A radio signal came in through my new mech body.
      "zchzchchzchzcchhhh.... Optimus... the evil boss is planning to attack."

      "Autobots... Transform!" I said. I even had the Optimus voice.

      I didn't turn into a semi-truck, and the autobots didn't necessarily fit either. I hovered up into the air then transformed into an F22 raptor, as did all my little autobots.

      We flew over at incredibly fast speeds forward -- as if I took off from my "runway" and never turned. It was foggy, and we flew above it. I originally had a cockpit view, but I got rid of the cockpit and had just the HUD -- elevation, wingspan, reticle, etc.

      Not the same environment, but like this.

      We reached a huge asian looking base on a floating island and a ton of aircraft came out. The next ten minutes was epic dogfights with my new mechanical F22 Raptor nervous system (movement and senses.)

      I'm really liking this shapeshifting thing. And flying. And not even for animal forms... but mechanical.

      Musical Entry to come on this dream soon... It's dubstep, in Optimus Prime form!

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    4. Invading The Alien Structure

      by , 08-04-2011 at 06:38 AM
      Invading The Alien Structure (Non-lucid)


      I was in the same hallway from my previous dream -- except this time I knew it was inside the skitter structure. (These are the big buildings over cities from Falling Skies.)

      I turned around the corner and was with Hal & Tom Mason. (Drew Roy and Noah Wyle)

      We all had G36C guns with iron sights. We ran down an empty hallway only to hear a skitter.

      It was shot in the head once and killed. Around the corner was a garry's mod general prop -- triangular prism this time. Some knights on horses came running down the hallway and Hal curled into a ball to fit inside this prop -- as it was no-collided (visible but passable, like jumping inside a pool of paint.)

      They left and he continued forward -- as did I. THey came back and I jumped into this prop. They were on white horses and reared them directly over the prop. However, they never came crashing down on me, and instead turned and ran off. I got out and saw no sign of them.

      Dream fades.
    5. Failing Brakes

      by , 08-03-2011 at 10:03 PM
      Failing Brakes (Non-lucid)


      I hear this is a classic dream scenario.

      I was driving a car with my dad. I tried to stop at a red light, and the brakes weren't working.

      "STOP! STOP! STOP !STOP!!!"

      I rolled right through the intersection. I decided to gas it once I was already halfway through.

      "What the fuck were you thinking?"

      "The brakes weren't working! Watch!" and I tapped the brakes and they did nothing.
    6. rp_downtown yellow warehouse

      by , 08-03-2011 at 06:13 AM
      rp_downtown yellow warehouse (Non-lucid)


      Yet another dream about rp_downtown from Garry's Mod.

      I was inside the yellow warehouse. I built a 2nd story out of general props and ahd shelves and covers which opened by a keypad. The storage room inside was mirrored on the other side as well, and there was a trap door next to the one on the side it shouldn't be.

      Metro police came and were searching for printers. "You don't have a warrant," and they left.

      People tried to raid through the back entrance and I was shooting them up with an m3 shotgun.

      I jumped over the super admin's head and shot him. He died. Another person came and killed me.
    7. Bundle of Fragments

      by , 08-03-2011 at 06:07 AM
      Bundle of Fragments (Non-lucid)


      I was engaged in an m3 shotgun fight with somebody. I killed them and another person came up. I jumped over them and shot them in the head.


      Jordan Mencel decided to take off from his regular music and was singing a concert. He sounded absolutely terrible. He was autotuned, but it was like... 15 cents flat every time. It sounded very raspy.


      Metro Police from HL2 came into my house to search for money printers.
      "You can't prove that. You need a warrant. They looked pretty intimidating, but I wasn't giving in one bit.
      "You need a warrant. You can't prove I have anything."


      cut mp3. Those two words say it all really. Nothing to explain here. Cutting mp3s in FL Studio 9 or 10.


      I was in my old theatre teacher's class. We were in the auditorium doing something for a play.

      No clue what she failed/should have passed.. All I know is what I was thinking.
      A girl failed and was crying hysterically. She couldn't understand it either. (neither could I, she should have passed with flying colors). The teacher said "appreciate your the talents you have and quit crying over this."


      Another girl from this same class was playing a rock concert. She was playing guitar. She wore a short pink dress, it was mega hot. Haha.


      I was in a minecraft world (though it wasn't cubed or 16x16 texture. It was like real life.

      "I need some dirt blocks to finish this." I said.
      The skidder looked at me, made a few futuristic noises, and said "over there." He was holding a minecraft block (or rather, sphere) of the globe.

      I went over and grabbed this ball of dirt and carried it and continued building my dirt wall.

    8. The Chosen One

      by , 08-02-2011 at 03:50 AM
      The Chosen One (Non-lucid)


      I decided to try and mentally recall rather than write some words down at night. Lesson learned.

      I was in hell with a girl I know. Some random guy was there as well. I had a magic wand and was fighting off Death Eaters with a myriad of spells. I was Harry Potter, by the way. I had the scar and all.

      The random guy said "You are the chosen one!"
      "No!" I said. "I just do a bunch of random shit. Honestly. I have no clue."
      "Uh, what the fuck. Yeah sure." He ran away from all the fighting.

      I turned around and she was still there. I looked at her and yelled "YOU are the Chosen One!"
      "Yes. You are THE CHOSEN ONE!" I yelled as I shot a lightning bolt into the portal. It was now a huge swirling portal from Oblivion with a blue portal. Hell's floor was made out of raw meat and had lava all over the place.

      I handed her the wand. "This is your moment." and she put it in her right hand.

      Dream fades.

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    9. Meeting My Dream Guide (or not...)

      by , 07-29-2011 at 12:29 AM
      Meeting My Dream Guide (or not..) (Incubated Lucid)


      Yet again a spontaneous lucid.

      I was hiding behind a wall on the rooftops of a Middle-Eastern town. My gun was behind my back, pinned up against the wall. A terrorist sat down next to me, breathing heavily. He was looking the other direction running from some marines. There were marines on my side (to the right.. he was looking left), so I didn't want to make any noise and have this terrorist notice me. Drawing my gun would make noise, and I couldn't take him hand to hand. I was waiting for a marine to get him.

      It was literally a bobblehead Obama figurine come to life.

      His figure was extremely odd. His head was about three feet tall and a foot wide. His lips were huge, and his neck was about the diameter of a watter bottle's tip.

      A marine sniper on a rooftop to my right took a shot. Once the bullet whizzed directly in front of my face I was experiencing everything in bullet-time. The shot him him directly in the neck.

      The terrorists was suffocating and obviously in agony. Then he was shot in the neck once more -- this time his head came off.

      I grabbed his knife and swung my gun into my hands. I jumped down off this roof to my right and went across multiple rooftops until reaching a ladder. As I was climbing up, I was shot at. I continued climbing again up a second ladder until I was with the marines.

      We promptly got the hell out of there.

      Once we got back to base, I changed out of my marine uniform, turn in my M4 and knife, and went straight to physical training (indoors.)

      I was in the Air Force, which is why I had to turn in my uniform and weapons.

      The general looked like Clint Eastwood. He worked us hard. A girl I know was in white lingerie spread out on the floor where we were doing push ups.

      I kept telling her to go away. But no. She wouldn't.

      The general came back from around the corner to make sure we were actually working and saw her. He used a Garry's Mod General Construction Prop as a wall and closed it in around our group. It packed us tighter together, and hurt because she was in the way and we couldn't touch the other wall -- we were being squished.

      "Well well well... it's a little tight in here ain't it?" He gave her a death glare and she left rather quickly.


      I was inside a barn, lit by oil lanters.
      A man took a hatchet and chopped another man directly down the center of his face. He then proceeded to eat the body.

      I left and was in a culdesac at night. I saw a bunch of people I knew from Fayetteville walking the street. I turned toward a field and yelled "Is my dream guide here?"

      I turned around. A big glass cup was floating behind me. It was about the size of my torso, but a bigger diameter. It had bright blue texting moving around it, as if a hologram were inside the glass.

      I turned back around.

      Again, I yelled "Is my dream guide here?"

      Turned around only to find once more this cup.

      I was quite surprised. In previous lucids my dream guide had always been Neytiri from Avatar. I've heard of animals and creatures being dream guides, but never anything like a glass cup. I'm not sure if this is my new DG or not.

      This cup had a real interesting voice. A very smooth, seducing female voice, with a bit of futuristic reverberation to it.

      I gave up and walked toward the field. It was apparently a Barbecue-Reunion for all my old classmates.

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    10. Aerial Combat, A Lost Textbook, and BTBAM's "Colors" album.

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:49 PM
      Ace Combat (Non-lucid)


      I was inside an airplane, in the cockpit. I was stuck in a dogfight with one airplane. We were the only two in the skies. We were above a desert and this dogfight lasted about five mintes before I finally hit the other plane a second time.


      I was inside a building and found a science textbook I lost with a copy of Between the Buried and Me's "Colors" CD. I wanted to turn it in for a refund, but for some reason couldn't turn in the textbook because the CD was too scratched. (?)

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    11. Wasteland

      by , 07-28-2011 at 01:31 AM
      Wasteland (Non-lucid)


      We were in my old neighborhood from Fayetteville. For once, it actually showed it as it is -- post tornado.

      (not from google images)

      It was night time. There were still no street lights on the road pictured above. Some of them that were still up were broken on other streets, or slanted. Houses were messed up left and right.

      I was riding my bike back from my ex's house to my old house to go get guns, because Rick and I had none (see previous DJ. Rick from Falling Skies),

      At an intersection, a guy in a blue minivan came up and drove up to me, miraculously avoiding the overturned SUV. He pulled out a gun with his right hand while still in the driver's seat, casually showing it to me.

      (not from google images)

      I said, "Come on man.. you got a gun. You mean I can't even fight to attempt to get out?"
      He laughed and said "hah.. yeah. Pretty fucked up ain't it?"
      "Man this is bullshit." I replied. I dropped my bike and got in his van. He never noticed Rick.
      "This place is a wasteland. The world's severely fucked." he said.


      I had gotten free of him by breaking the rope around my hands and killing his henchman with my fists. I ran back into my old house and grabbed the only pistol there and one hunting knife. I had one more I took from the cellar I was trapped in earlier. The pistol had seven bullets in the chamber. It was a Baretta.

      I ran back to the ex's house. Her house was elevated by a stucco staircase, and another house was directly across from this staircase (as if the front doors were on the adjacent sides). Rick and I got to the top of the staircase and saw three kids and a man. I looked at Rick and we both tried to hug the wall and get out of view. All three kids saw us and I put my hands over my lips to say "shhhhh..."

      They didn't speak, but as the staircase curved toward the door, the man saw me. He drew his weapon. I aimed down my sights and shot him in the lower stomach to my right. He slowly fell to the ground, and tried to shoot as he was going down. He aimed directly at me. I started strafing and jumping as if it were a video game, scared out of my mind. Rick stood there staring.

      *click* *click* *click*

      The man's pistol wasn't even loaded.

      The children continued inside the house. I went over to the man's body and found 13 rounds, preloaded in 7 and 6-bullet magazines. I took the empty mag just in case.

    12. Rebecca Black (again...), Staging Murders

      by , 07-28-2011 at 01:08 AM
      Staging Murders (Non-lucid)


      We were in an old-fashioned two-story house. It was me, my friend Jerome, and, again, Rebecca Black, who was again my girlfriend. (seriously, it's getting old.)

      So, again, here's a picture.

      There isn't really much way to describe it. Rebecca and I went upstairs into a room and locked the door after having Jerome lure Hunter out, as we had staged a murder.

      We did this again with another murder.


      And there were no doors.. lol

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    13. Rebecca Black, Angry Mom, Obama Speech, Concert & Hockey, Intimate Soup

      by , 07-27-2011 at 06:39 PM
      Rebecca Black, Angry Mom, Obama Speech, Concert & Hockey, Intimate Soup (Non-lucid)


      This dream is looooong. I have some tag words written down, so many not be able to remember it all as it's so long.

      "Where's A.B. when you need her?/pus neck, youtube, torrents, free market, hide the reg, entire epic, gf, school, obama speech, mom moves in, goft cart ending, ABQ Dumpsters, concert at obama area, porno soup, TH @ familiar ice stad, w/Rick & Andrew"

      Honestly, I have no idea wtf I was thinking when I wrote some of these.

      It was my Fayetteville house, except made of Stucko, and the rooms were different. The windows were more "futuristic" and there were no blinds or shutters. Three stories this time.

      I was with my girlfriend (dream girlfriend, I'm forever alone. haha) out front of the house. It was a parking lot with speed bumps and dumpsters and everything.. just like my apartment. She looked an awful lot like Rebecca Black.
      Spoiler for plot spoiler for TNT's Falling Skies:
      Except she had black hair and a slimmer figure. She was wearing a yellow shirt and black leggings. I jumped on her and blah blah blah we played around for a bit. (get your mind out of the gutter)

      Selena's figure, but had Rebecca's face.

      It was dark now. My mother popped out the door and told me to come inside. I was behind this girl without her knowledge and I ran up and jumped on her back. She laughed and I jumped off. We walked inside. I had cooked soup. We were going to eat. It was just my brother, myself, and said girl again. This is how it was supposed to be. In the dream, the implied knowledge was that it was my brother's house.

      Then my mom walked in. "NO! EAT THIS!"
      Brother: "Mom calm down!"
      Brother: "Unless you don't want your son to get laid."
      Mom: "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. HERE."
      The scary part is that this is how my mom actually is, not a dream distortion.

      She swapped out my soup with hers. Dream girlfriend and I got up and left.

      Her soup

      We were rather ticked off. For some reason unknown to all but the dream world, we couldn't fuck unless we ate this soup. Makes me laugh now.

      So, I walked forward and she disappeared. I ended up at an Obama speech. He was on a concert stage giving a speech. This time was third person, I was looking from above him, as if the camera were the stage lights.

      There was a massive crowd that was there. Three people in the crowd were singled out in my vision, connected by a green line.

      The speech went on, then these three were singled out again.


      I was back out at the front of the house. Girlfriend was wearing black jeans and a black shirt this time. I ran up and we were playful as usual. It was morning, and she laughed and said "alright see you at school" and rubbed my head and smiled. I walked across the street and two golf carts were coming in the furthest lane going the wrong direction around 30mph. I jumped up on the curb and walked past a wall to a sidewalk through a park.

      Dream ended.


      We were looking at the house's front door. "Well, if you go right past those dumpsters.. it's a free market."

      My brother had a big pus bubble on the back of his neck. "Where's Ashley Burette when you need her?"
      *name changed

      Rick from falling skies was following me as I took him some place to "hide the reg." whatever that means.

      Tokio Hotel was playing a gig at a make-believe ice hockey stadium (which I have dreamed at before). The stadium was completely packed and had an even number of guys and girls, surprisingly. Their vocalist still looked like a girl, as always.

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    14. Orange Lambo -- Rebecca Black "Friday" Video

      by , 07-27-2011 at 03:14 AM
      Orange Lambo (Non-lucid)


      An orange lambo had a trunk in the back. This trunk didn't close -- it had two square holes in it, supported by a metal frame. After you climb through the hole in becomes one big trunk. Two people could fit in. I was in one hole and Rebecca Black was in the other.

      My body was hanging out and I was holding onto the frame

      |     |     |
      |     |     |
      |     |     |
      = OR | is metal frame
      We were going about 100mph down the interstate

      Eventually we stopped and I was inside a dentist office. Rebecca was getting her teeth pulled. Blood was everywhere.

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      Tags: cars, danger, teeth
    15. Building a skatepark

      by , 07-25-2011 at 08:52 PM
      Building a skatepark (Non-lucid)


      Somebody was building a skatepark. They had two bowls dug in the ground, filled with concrete and coping and the like. They were about ten feet tall and only six feet or so wide. Kind of odd.

      He said "I can't think of any plans from here."

      I said "perhaps a ramp from this bowl over here to roll into your first bowl, allowing enough speed to transfer to the other bowl?"
      Tags: skateboards
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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