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    1. Another apocalypse dream.

      by , 09-06-2015 at 03:18 PM
      Once a month, I have a dream about the apocalypse.

      I've been working on my dream recall lately, because I'm trying to recovery from a long battle with mental illnesses. I stopped quite some time ago but I'm making excellent progress. It's nice to be interested in something again.

      Here is the dream.

      My family is living in an apartment building, instead of our house. I look out the window and see a lake. The sky is very dark, and I feel extremely creeped out. I can hear my parents talking to my sister behind me. I see some clouds swirling around, and suddenly, I see a meteor fall from the sky, into the lake. I immediately think, "The apocalypse is happening".

      My dad warns me to back away from the window, but I can't look away. I see a meteor coming towards our building, and I scream. It hits somewhere below us and I feel the building sway. It made me feel sick.

      My dad and some man who I've never seen before start grabbing supplies. I see them loading canned foods and cases of water into a car. Yes, a car was in the middle of our apartment building hahaha.

      Suddenly, we're in the basement of the house we live in in my waking life. I don't remember how we got there. I don't see my mom anywhere, but I see my dad and sister talking. I realize that I forgot my phone charge in my room, because apparently that's very important to have during the apocalypse. I feel my anxiety building up as I prepare to dash up to my room to grab my phone charge. Oh, priorities...

      I dash up the stairs, and I can feel sweat running down my face. I hear some awful buzzing sound, which was apparently the sound of meteors crashing into the earth. I kept thinking "This is it, Jayme. You could die any second."

      I didn't die, though. I managed to get my phone charger and threw myself back down the stairs. But when I looked around, my family was gone.