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    Evil Dream Invasion (Non-Lucid)

    by , 07-21-2010 at 09:38 PM (1073 Views)
    Hey folks, first post! Anywho, here's my dream.

    I'm alone in an apartment that I lived in as a child, but now it is very run down. It generally looks like a crack house, but there is nobody in there but me. The paint is peeling, there is a layer of filth on everything and there are mattresses all over the floor. After a quick look around, I leave and head to my car in the parking lot.

    Next to my car is an old, beat-up, puke green and rust colored pickup truck. Like an old 70's Dodge looking truck. The truck is parked about an inch away from my drivers' side door and the side of my (brand new) car is scraped and dented up. There is clearly puke green paint all over the side of my car and it becomes obvious what happened.

    Inside the truck sits a harmless looking, little old man with a frumpy sort of face and big bushy eye brows, a ratty looking baseball style hat, squinty eyes sunk inside the weathered skin on his face, smoking a stubby little cigar the is well chewed on. He looks over at me and I instantly begin a fit of rage. Yelling and screaming at him as loud as I can. He sits unaffected, smoking his cigar. Somehow, we come to the agreement that he will pay for the materials to fix the damage to my car and I would do the job myself (I used to be in auto-body before college). So I get in his truck and we drive to the auto-body supply store to buy materials.

    The old man has barely batted an eye during the whole dream. Never an ounce of emotion from him. As we're driving, he looks over at me with this really evil, sinister glare.

    Puffing on his cigar, he says: "It feels good. Doesn't it?"

    Confused, I reply: "What?"

    Still glaring, he continues: "To hate. It feels gooooooooood to hate."

    This is where I started getting creeped out. He drew goooooooooood way out and took some sort of enjoyment in the mere notion of feeling good due to projecting hate. Saying the word from his gut.

    Still glaring, he takes a deep puff of his cigar and continues: "HE hates all of you, ya know." (HE referring to GOD, all of you referring to humans)

    He begins to grin the most horrible grin I've ever seen, revealing pointy, yellow, rotten teeth and a black tongue and lets out a slight laugh, as if to direct it at me and the fact that I had no idea what he knew. When I notice that he is clearly evil, he begins to bellow a deep laugh at me. Without thinking, I slide across the seat (old pickup truck bench style seat) and head-butt him in the face 4 or 5 times as hard as I can. Really hitting him hard.

    I wake up, head-butting my girlfriend in the back of her head, who is sleeping next to me. My face is killing me. We both wake up, and after the scare we drift back to sleep. After just barely drifting off, I am back in the truck with the old man, and he is glaring at me and laughing. Like he made me head-butt my girlfriend and was just toying with me. He grins the same horrible grin, his yellow teeth peek out from behind his cigar and then he's gone and the whole thing is over.

    Most of the time, I don't remember much in the way of details of most of my dreams. I remember every molecule of this dream. All the quotes are accurate. All the environment descriptions are accurate. Every single second is accounted for and recalled and even perfectly re-playable in my head.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      Damn, me or WakingNomad usually catch the devil-related dreams.

      Interesting dream. 66 views, which is also interesting. Well, person who only logged in once, I think you have a demon infestation on your hands.

      *serious face*
    2. DreamDoyen's Avatar
      That's pretty scary and interesting at the same time. We have to remember that those dream demons/monsters are part of our own psyche. Dreams give us an opportunity to objectify them, and confront them.