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    Day 106: (Clever Title)

    by , 05-27-2018 at 03:40 PM (145 Views)
    Dream 89: Not So Lethal Lava Land

    The whole dream was in this faux 2D perspective. Sometimes I could see the environment in first person, and others I saw from third person. The entire dream looked like a video game. Everything was a sprite, from the foreground to the background. At the end of the dream I remember getting cornered by a bunch of purple dragon things and being eaten alive, so that's fun.

    Dream 90: You Said Room Temperature, Right?

    Daytime, grass covered yard in between my house and a neighbor's. I'm talking with a friend about the pink gecko I have outside my house (True story, geckos often like to clime on my windows). I told him/her that I managed to keep one as a pet, and made it a little dirt home.

    When I got to its little home, I saw that it had died inside of the water. My reasoning within the dream was that it was too cold for the lizard and it died of hypothermia. Its eyes were glowing a light green.

    Dream 91: Fragment

    Another school fragment. Nothing much to talk about here.

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