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    Day 13: Rowdy

    by , 02-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (184 Views)
    Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

    Woke up at: 8:30 AM

    Dream 08: Hello Mr. Pianta

    Touring Bianco Village from Super Mario Sunshine. It looks like the place has also gotten its fair share of gangsters, since there's a lot of graffiti plastered on the walls. Funnily enough, like the actual game, this 'graffiti' is largely just arrows, telling the player where to go.

    I'm monologuing to myself about imagery in regards to poetry. I think about how there are only so many ways to describe the color black, but a million ways to describe color. Pretty thoughtful stuff.

    Dream 09: Almost Breaking Double Digits

    I'm at school this time, again, though now I'm outside the band hall and talking to my friends. One of my friends is talking about something I can't quite hear, when they call all of the band students in.

    I'm guessing we have a performance, and so everyone was going inside to grab their uniforms. Then something screwy happens...

    As I'm climbing up the stairs, I can feel the steps getting higher and higher. I'm using all of the upper body strength I can muster to get up there, making a complete full of myself since I don't really have any upper body strength. That and my pants were falling down. The people are waiting behind me, as if taking pity or looking at me fail to climb these stairs.

    Eventually I find my way inside.

    Inside the band hall, people are grabbing their instruments and putting on their uniforms. One of the band directors is talking to a student about the weird, red, plastic thing she has on a stool. He said it looked like a fruit, but I thought it was...

    Moving on.

    Across the hall, two girls and one guy, one of the girls' boyfriends, are playing football. Right outside of the uniform room. The girlfriend licks the football for whatever reason, and throws it back at the guy.

    Inside the uniform room, there's this big, fancy chair. There's also a TV right in front of it. Me and one of my friends are arguing about who gets to sit in it first. I win, of course, and then the dream ended.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Mario Sunshine~ I use to play that game in the past too. Very fun.
      For the stairs part, thats how I feel when climbing the stairs in my school too. OTL
      Also, I know your pants were falling but at least your pants didn't fall down all the way.
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    2. Jdoggad's Avatar
      I wasn't able to shake the feeling of embarrassment even after that happened. Even when I read your comment I was like "Shit, that really happened didn't it? Oy..."

      I read somewhere that doing a RC after feeling some intense emotion is actually the perfect time to do one, as dreams often have you deal with some sort of powerful emotion, and embarrassment is pretty high on that list for me.
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      Updated 02-26-2018 at 12:20 AM by Jdoggad
    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Hehe Its okay. I have some embarrassing dream moments too that make me wish it didn't occur. I tend not to write the really embarrassing ones too.

      I haven't heard of that type of rc before. It does sound like it could work. I hope you have less embarrassing dreams though. They can be pretty unpleasant at times.^^"
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