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    Day 15, 16, 17: Slow Nights

    by , 03-01-2018 at 03:26 PM (80 Views)
    Day 15 and 16:

    Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

    Woke up at: 6:45 AM

    Dream 11 and 12:

    Both of them were a no dream phenomenon. I literally can't remember anything that happened during those nights.

    Day 17:

    Fell asleep at: 12:30 AM

    Woke up at: 8:00 AM

    Dream 13: I ain't leaving without my food...

    It's a cozy Saturday night at my grandma's house. Unfortunately, my entire Video Game Design class is there. I know it's some sort of meeting, but I'm not quite sure.

    They're looking to get some food from this box. I don't now of it was donuts, but they got all of it before I did. I'm bummed, of course, but I let one of the girls get the donut anyway, since she also hadn't eaten in a while.

    I go over to the fridge (Which is in the complete opposite direction than real life) to get a snack. I managed to swipe a tiny little cereal box from the pink tray. Sadly, there's no milk to go along with it. I found a spoon, but no milk.

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