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    Day 39 --> Day 44: A Change Of Attitude

    by , 03-30-2018 at 05:32 AM (136 Views)
    Yes it's been five days.

    On days 39 to 42 I pretty much fell asleep at the same time (11:30 PM) and woke up at the same time (7:00 AM) so nothing much there. They were not very eventful honestly as I was really busy with homework and family issues I can't exactly discuss. Nevertheless, I have sought to change this.

    About a few days ago, I read up on Fryingman's Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming post and Twoshadows' Dream Journal before going to bed. I'm implementing Fryingman's awareness and reflectiveness principles in order to feel more 'present' in my dreams, thus leading to a higher chance for lucid dreams. And what do you know, that leads us to Day 43, the day I took back my starring role in my dreams. Because ironically, even in my wildest dreams, you still have to work for what you want.

    Day 43:

    Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

    Woke up at: 7:20 AM

    Dream 54: A Robot Named Chew & Crap, Forgot My Belt...

    Mom's driving, I'm in the large black car. It looks like we're driving back from school, towards where the bridge over the canal seems to be. I'm watching something on my tablet, a cartoon very much in the style of Danny Phantom or Fairly Oddparents.

    A humanoid, muscular man-like robot is spouting some menacing dialogue. His voice is deep, almost like a deeper take on Grim's voice in how he talks. In particular, he seems to be talking about his teeth, and the chomping power they possess. The little girl (Who he's apparently talking to) asks him if he can drink water or fluids. He reprimands her by saying, "Of course! That's what the pink tooth is for!"

    In an attempt to gauge out my mom's reaction to any of this, I always have one eye focused on the screen, and one on my mom. Right after she hears the 'pink tooth' bit, she looks back with this sort of half-shocked, half-disgusted pace. I immediately get flustered by that and just focus my attention on the scenery.

    My mom parks in a nondescript building near the canal, in the general area where an apartment complex should be. We get off and I notice something:

    One: It's early morning, and kind of chilly, as well as humid.

    And Two: I forgot my belt.

    "Ah--dang it! I forgot my belt..." I rush back to the car, trying to hold up my pants, and tell my mom the news. I have the faintest feeling that she has gone back to the house before to pick something up earlier on, and right after that my mom tells me she'll get my belt.

    As she's leaving she tells me to sit down in front of the building until she comes back. Looking below me, I see a wet puddle, and I briefly reconsider that notion. "It looked like it might've rained earlier in the morning." I thought to myself.

    Then, out of the blue, I see my two puppies, Nemo and Kleo. They walk out of the building, jump around on my legs for a little bit, and go back inside, playing with an old woman (Who actually kinda reminds me of my grandma).

    Dream 55: More Random Nonsense

    Some dream with a Terraria aesthetic. I don't remember much about it, honestly...

    Dream 56: Huddle 'Round...Me!

    I'm in an orange-walled house. I'm sitting down in an awesome large wooden desk, using the laptop. My sister is crouching down next to me, and so is her boyfriend.

    A whole lot of my family is there, actually. Though I can't recall any specifics.

    Day 44:

    Fell asleep at: 11:40 PM

    Woke up at: 7:10 AM

    Dream 56: More like Google Instant Transmission...

    I remember being with my brother a lot in this dream, even though we had a particularly intense argument that day, but that's not what I'm concerned about.

    So, my and my brother are deciding where to go to on our trip. We pull up Google Maps on my phone and start selecting designations at random. I particularly remember going to some Middle Eastern "beach" area with one beautiful sunset.

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