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    Fourteen Days: A Tally Through Time

    by , 02-27-2018 at 05:07 AM (56 Views)
    So far, there have been 10+ recorded dreams throughout this 14 day trial. So where does the newest one fit in? Let's just go over that real quick.

    And yes I know this is a little late. Accidentally forgot to turn on "Publish On" when I was working on this post.

    Day 14:

    Fell asleep at: 11:00

    Woke up at: 6:35

    Dream 10: Double Digits, Finally!

    The dream plays out much akin to a cutscene from Sonic Mania. Sprite-based animation is at the forefront, and animations are smooth and crisp. There's a gardener tending to 5 differently looking flowers, all of them red in color. The gardener is planting the last flower, a star-shaped one called the "Flower of Paranoia". I don't understand why it was given that name, but it did look pretty cool.

    Anyways, so far there have been:

    6 school related dreams

    4 home related dreams

    4 video game related dreams

    And 7 abstract locale dreams

    A lot of these dreams kinda weave together into the same dream, and as such are counted in more than one category.

    Both my school and my home are prominent locations in my dreams, as well as video games. Now, I don't know how I can identify those more abstract dreams in locations I haven't really been to before, but I can safely say that doing a RC and staying more aware during both school and when playing video games are prime times to have them.

    I read on Howtolucid.com that, when utterly immersed in a video game or movie, to occasionally pull yourself out of that state of mind and observe your surroundings. Dreams are often quite like watching a movie, and taking this approach helps a ton. This is the link to that specific article I'm talking about:http://howtolucid.com/cinema-techniq...ing-awareness/

    So far, there have been no false awakenings, lucid dreams, or sleep paralysis episodes. Kind of disappointing honestly, since I'm about a month overdue for my lucid. Usually I can muster at least once a month, but umm... not this month.

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