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    Pretty Chill Emo Dudes

    by , 10-01-2017 at 05:14 PM (167 Views)
    Fell asleep at: 2:30 AM

    Woke up at: 10:50 AM

    Percieved dream time: ???


    I'm in a bedroom filled to the rim with movie and video game paraphernalia. There are bookcases filled to the brim with DVD's and video game box covers (Of which they seem to be mostly Xbox 360 games due to the distinctive green boxes they came in).

    There's a stereotypically emo looking dude in the room (His girlfriend is also there too but I never get a clear look at her). And we're actually pretty cool with each other in the dream! We exchanged jokes, went into deep discussion about our shared interests (Video games obviously), and at one point I experienced genuine, wacky laughter in a dream!

    Apparently I had a video game who's sprite varied depending on the region you bought the game in and what time it came out. We were searching on my phone about who had the very rare Dark Blue color variant that came with the first few copies. Only to find out it was a 10 year old kid who wouldn't shut his mouth.

    "HA! I retro-fagged before all of you guys! I'm a MILLIONAIRE HAHAHAHAHA!!!" I believe is what he said (And, no, I don't promote the term 'retro-fag').

    We laughed so much at that given moment that my face had a permanent smile fixed on it for the entirety of the dream. We joked about it, reciting Videogamedunkey by saying "I'M A MILLIONAIRE" and "HERE COMES THE MONEY".

    That was until my sister called me out of the room and I had to go. Maybe I should see that guy again, make him my dream guide. Hmm...


    1. As it turns out, the emo dude (In the dream) is actually a millionaire. The DC, not the real life counterpart.

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