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    School Dreams Again

    by , 07-09-2017 at 01:37 AM (288 Views)
    Fell asleep at: 8:00 AM

    Woke up at: 5:00 PM

    I was in a place that resembled the Early College I have in my town (I THOUGHT is was the early college but it looked completely different). The sky was overcast, and everything looked like it was tinted a very light shade of blue. There were outside hallways and hallways that connected to each other outside. There was a grassy area below those elevated pathways and I was there.

    There was an event going on and I was headed to the gymnasium. I ran through hallways both outside and inside heading towards the gym. Apparently the band was about to preform at the early college, so all the band members from both schools were brought to play at the event.

    I found one of my friends from the early college. But the thing is he looked like he was below the platform I was standing on. Like, imagine bleachers, but downwards. So (According to dream logic) I jumped down. The floor was littered with junk and papers, the band members sat on DESKS, and only a small portion of the band was there. I tried talking to my friend but the dream faded out before I could.

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    Tags: band, friend, school


    1. HakaishinChampa's Avatar
      I noticed School is really common in my dreams.
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