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    Going to School

    by , 05-27-2018 at 02:01 PM (125 Views)
    I had a dream that started with me looking at a poster with the moon on it. I think it was a historical thing about the moon landing. I was talking to my parents about it. We needed to get to a destination from the school we were at and someone gave us a map. My mom took the map and showed it to my dad and myself. As we were looking at it we saw that there were several paths leading to our destination, and while most were marked with a little flag picture with the letter B, some were marked with A. A lady told us that if we went through the areas marked with A and avoided the ones with B we would get extra points. So that is what we did. I talked to my dad about some TV show as we went.

    When we arrived we were in front of a big hospital. My dad was saying that this pile of dirt in front of the hospital was a great place for what we were planning (I can't remember what we were planning). A fire started in front of the hospital and we were tasked with finding someone in the hospital that can help. I remember asking my mom why we didn't just call the fire department.

    After searching for a bit we couldn't find the person we were looking for and so my dad made an announcement to everyone in the room about the fire and who we were looking for. This caused everyone to panic and run around in circles. I walked outside and an old friend was telling me to jump in his car. I walked toward the car about I guess I was too slow because my friend got out and three girls got in the car with the driver and drove off. Two other boys I knew from a long time ago, one from high school and one from when I was very little, found us and we all started walking to the school together.

    I saw the boy I knew from when I was very young pull out a plastic bag with Nintendo DS cartridges in it. "You still play Nintendo DS?" I asked him.

    "Yeah, these are just the games that I like." He told me.

    "I never really got into those," I replied, looking that the games he was sifting through, "but that is awesome for you. You should do whatever you want."

    At this point the boy I knew from high school started talking about how much fun he had had playing pokemon. This started up a conversation wherein we all discussed our experiences with the game. They were both astonished when I told them I never really played a pokemon game until high school.

    When we arrived at the school I had trouble getting through the front door because I was apparently wearing a really big, overstuffed backpack that I hadn't noticed until this point. I crawled into an open window for some reason.

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