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    1. Zombie's and barbecues

      by , 03-21-2014 at 03:16 AM
      Me my sister and my parents were in a zombie infected world. We built up camp in a park that overviewed a pond. The days were pretty short and our house was built out of Minecraft blocks. The walls were wooden blocks, the floor cobblestone, and the ceiling cobblestone. Since the beginning of the dream i remember seeing a figure in a black leather jacket and he always had his hood up. His head seemed very big under the hood and he was always dragging an axe around. Whenever I pointed him out he seemed to turn around and slowly walk away and my parents were too slow. Our biggest problem was finding food so I told my sister and she agreed. There was a surplus of deer in the park for i don't know why we didn't just hunt the deer. I then changed my mind because I noticed that the deer might be infected. Above the park was a huge parking lot and towering over the lot was many old, falling apart apartment buildings. One day the hooded black figure stood above the lot looking down on our little minecraft set up. I pointed him out and my parents seemed to not care at all about it yet me and my sister did. I said screw them and I started to running and on the grass was a baseball bat. I picked it up and bolted uo the small incline towards the lot. When i got up into the lot the sky was very dark and the setting was very Walking Dead like. The figure saw me and turned around as if he didn't notice. I didn't recognize a face at all in fact i don't think there was one. From there time seemed to fast foreword to where i was a couple of feet away from what seemed to be a barbecue that was perched up on top of a stand. Yet, this barbecue had a body that was lying on top of the stand. I looked around to make sure there was no zombies around and started whacking the figure on the top and the sides as hard as i can. I constantly checked my back and i seemed to do this constantly until a police car rolls up and a man with black hair wearing a blue nyc police officer uniform and he ask's what happened. I don't remember what i said exactly but he sort of just picked up the "head" threw it on the ground, took out a very small bottle of gasoline i supposed and a very intricate lighter that was white with some sort of black/blue design on the front. He took the gasoline and lighter and made a flamethrower with it and he started torching the head of the figure. He ended his torching and we both turned to each other and smiled. He bowed down quite oddly and i took my hand and ruffled his hair. I remember the feeling of awkwardness in the dream. Time seemed to pass to where the cop car was facing the other way down the lot and my sister and i stood on the walkway. A black woman police officer sat in the cruiser looking up at us. The sky was a sort of sunset haze which felt quite good under the circumstances we were in. My sister asked what the time was and i looked at my watch and it was all weird numbers. The watch was the same one i have IWL, all black g shock. My watch read 22 something something something. Then the woman says, "thats wrong. Mine reads 2 some thing." Time seems to fast forward and we're running through the lot when i ask my sister why we don't just hunt the deer. I said the word Venison several times in my head. We made our way down into the park and we were running to the set up. I had my new Nike Freetrainers on and i felt like I was running 200 mph. I thought about all the little rubber pegs on the bottom of the shoe and i seemed to pick up speed. My legs felt like nothing and i thought that i could just run forever. We came close to the camp and i jumped on top of it and wondered wether i made any noise. My sister turned to me with a look of surprise and says, "that makes no noise!". I nod my head and move inside where my parents were laying down on the floor with their backs against the wall. They seemed to be watching TV somehow. It's just about night now and i stepped over my dad, put my back against the unevern wall and my dad asked for a pillow so i handed him a block lol. Then my mom woke me up.