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    Another fragment dream about dreaming

    by , 03-03-2013 at 10:02 AM (302 Views)
    Even though I was careful not to move as I remembered this dream, and I thought I had it, but when I did move, the fragment became even more fragmented.

    This was another dream about dreaming. It started out with a question asked on DV. I don't remember the question but it was asked by someone experienced for the sake of helping teach beginners. It had to do with differentiation of dreams, categorization of them.

    I remember thinking that the distinction was easy for me, and answering the question.

    This was not a lucid dream.

    EDIT: after more sleep around 7am did not remember additional dream or fragment, but remembered a bit more from this one:

    Question: Experienced dreamers, how do you change entries in a dream journal to help prepare for lucid dreaming? (Note: Upon waking this question is weird to me and has no clear and easy answer, but in my dream I thought it was easy.)

    My dream answer: Focus on dream signs. Do not concentrate on what makes this dream unique. (Note: I know there was more to my dream answer, but that's all I remember.)

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    1. Phased's Avatar
      Interesting, once I woke up, and I remembered remembering a dream, it was quite strange!
    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      Phased, yup. This is strange but in my experience not uncommon. The more we focus on dre recall in waking life, it spills into our dreams. Btw, I remembered a bit more of this fragment, so I added it: this time below the original text after an EDiT: -- still just a fragment though. Thi night was not very fruitful compared to yesterday for me.