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    Bad Guys Take Over Work Banquet

    by , 05-11-2013 at 03:00 AM (519 Views)
    I arrived late at a banquet organized by my work place. the sorbet had already melted, and all that was left was cool aid. Then the bad guys (terrorists) started to demonstrate how they could control people through the spiked food they ate. they could cause remote controlled agonizing pain or embarrassing sexual pleasure in those who had eaten the food. Then the bad guys proceeded to take the credit for our team's accomplishments.

    Oh, and somewhere in this dream I walked outside with a woman and noticed that she was a bad guy because she had a radioactive necklace that glowed in the dark. I was scared of that necklace and her.

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    1. Zoth's Avatar
      And the prize for weirdest dream I've read today goes to you xD Now you left me curious about your work ^^
    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      I work on a federal government contract, and if we ever did find any evidence of threat from terrorists my team's work could overnight change from being "for office use only" to secret mission critical. But we have not yet found any such evidence, so mostly my work is just a bit weird. We analyze data, and most of the data we analyze is completely harmless, and some of it is mostly harmless, and some of it could possibly not be harmless if it were not harmless which lets face it it most probably is.