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    Culling dreams

    by , 03-01-2013 at 12:45 PM (434 Views)
    I have been struggling with basic dream recall, but I am up to at least remembering a fragment every time. This one made me grin.

    First some background: my other hobby is Fishkeeping, and in Fishkeeping there is a practice called "culling" which is the euthenizing of fish that for example would die any way (putting them out of their misery).

    In this dream, I was culling dreams. I was evaluating and sorting them to figure out which are not worthy of recall, etc. this was definitely not a lucid dream, and I just remember a fragment of it, but it made me smile, and hope that my mind is on its way to re-embark on this lucid dreaming adventure.

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    1. Darkmatters's Avatar
      Wow - memory consolidation in action!