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    DC: chances are high this is a dream! (Me: not self aware!)

    by , 03-22-2013 at 08:22 AM (465 Views)
    This dream was about a dreamviews thread on what are the odds this is a dream! Completely non-lucid and no sense of self - I was "reading" not participating.

    Here is a fragment of my dream thread - there actually were user names but I forgot which:

    [user1] This is not a dream, not weird enough.
    [user2] Ah but we are not aware of all that is going on - not remembering all. If we backfill for all missing data points, then there is so much weirdness, that chances are high this is a dream!

    First of all, a dream in which a DC says/writes that chances are high that it is a dream, that's beautiful! Now, why couldn't I also have some self-awareness to allow me to make the small leap from that to lucidity?

    I know which thread triggered this! Gab yesterday wrote something like "let's face it our waking life is not weird enough, so we may need to pretend that it is" and I responded that I disagree that in my opinion life is plenty of weird, we just don't stop to question it most of the time, and don't notice how weird it is. In my dream the conversation was not between gab and JoannaB but it might as well have been. Fascinating, the only time I have successfully had an LD thus far after returning to this hobby was also triggered by DV interaction with gab. I think I will ask gab whether she would be willing to be my mentor or something, since obviously my dream self has a strong correlation between gab and lucidity or almost lucidity! Gab is my LD muse! Here is a link to the thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/general-lu...correctly.html (gab's post is #17 and my response is #18, and this is definitely what this dream is based on!)

    Another element of this dream, the backfilling for missing data to get adjusted statistics which may change the whole picture of what the data shows - this was triggered by a work problem I was working on this week! It's neat to see where such ideas in my dreams originated from in real life.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Wow, I'm happy to be of help?

      You know, I have noticed in last few month, that more I tell people how daytime actions influence our dream, the more it's happening to me. Of course, at first I did notice how stuff get's into my dreams, so it kinda is a magic circle.

      Most of the time I remember things I read here on DV. Like how to do certain things. It comes to me either during transition or in LD. In fact, I believe I have better memory of things pertinent to LDing in LDs than in waking life.

      But also things I see on tv, even stuff I don't really think leaves impact on me.

      So read on, think about what you read, reply.
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