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    Dreams and Censorship (fragment)

    by , 03-10-2013 at 10:11 PM (359 Views)
    This dream fragment tricked my memory: I thought I remembered already writing it down, but I clearly did not!

    This dream fragment during nap time was about dreams and censorship, and how dreams elude censorship, and how dreamviews is also free speech.

    I think I remembered more than that right after the nap, but as I said my mind tricked me. Out of some reason both this and the previous dream fragment show that my subconcscious mind does not want to bother with writing down dream fragments any more, which at this point in my dream recall I cannot afford! Yikes!

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    1. Darkmatters's Avatar
      I'm having exactly the same problem - I keep having little micro-awakenings in which I remember a dream or fragment and then I just decide heck with it and roll over and drop off to sleep. I usually expect to be able to remember it later but rarely do. I need to at least jot down a few simple notes.
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    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      Yes, and in my case I feel like my mind is getting cocky way too soon. I barely started, and most of my recalled dreams are just fragments, and I really cannot afford at this time to take any shortcuts, but my mind has decided that apparently this is too much effort and it is fighting back.
    3. Darkmatters's Avatar
      In my case I started suddenly having shared dreaming experiences that instantly shifted my focus onto them and away from lucidity. I've accepted that it's real now, and begun to ihave some dreams that don't seem to be shared - maybe I need to stop reading other people's DJ's too. I need to bring my focus back onto lucidity!