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    The eagle toys/art

    by , 04-15-2014 at 11:53 AM (399 Views)
    I was with my younger son at a cabin of sort. There was a bookshelf of stuffier there, and I was told that almost all of them were regular stuffed toys except for the two eagles. At first I only saw one stuffie that was an eagle and it looked like nothing special to me. Then I saw the other one: it was actually made out of plaster, looked like a kid's art project, and it had a baby eagle with it. They actually looked more like owls, but everyone called them eagles. I was told the eagles were valuable and would soon be moved to the Smithsonian museum by curators who were trained physicists and thus very good.

    When the curators came, the bookshelf was empty. I discovered that my son had a backpack full of stuffed animals, among others the stuffed eagle. I reprimanded him, but secretly thought how is a five year old supposed to know the difference between art and toy if this is art. He did not have the plaster eagle with baby eagle though. We discovered the plaster eagles in a bin full of blocks. They were in bad shape. The face banged up and no more mouth, nose, eyes. The curators who came to pick them up did not seem concerned though. Perhaps this could be fixed.

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