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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. lucid? followed by FA Non Lucid with iPad trouble and polite visitor

      by , 10-06-2013 at 10:35 AM
      So I "remember" I got lucid briefly, but I do not now remember that dream nor how I got lucid. Maybe there was a lucid or maybe this part is a false memory and this dream was all about the non lucid false awakening? And e more I think about it the more likely I think that is because I really remember nothing about that lucid, so I think this was a false awakening with a lost false memory of a non existing lucid most likely.

      I remember "waking up" and taking my iPad to the couch to write down my dream. notice I failed to RC upon waking up, argh! And almost did that again a moment ago, but remembered now.

      So there I was about to write my dream down on iPad and I had huge trouble closing down the game app that was there.

      This game up was loud, so it woke up almost everyone else, including a visitor staying over at our home. In waking life we have no such visitor and in fact do not know him, but I did not notice that in the dream. He was a boy, older than my sons, but not a teen yet. He was Asian perhaps Chinese American. Very polite. He came to me, and wanted to know if he could play games on my iPad. I said, no, I am using it, and got to write down my lucid dream before I forget. He accepted that and left. My husband briefly came too.

      I started to have doubts, and thought that it was inhospitable of me to not let the guest have the iPad. and besides I was having trouble operating it. I rationalized that by thinking I must have upgraded the operating system alas. (I should have realized that this was a clue, and reality checked, but I did not!)

      The visitor was in the bathroom, so I was going to prop my iPad on the floor next to the bathroom, so he could see it when he emerged. And that's when he emerged. It was a bit awkward with me still bent down to the floor. I told him, I changed my mind and would let him play. I said that the rules of using the iPad were that he needed to only do stuff on it that his parents would approve, follow his parents rules for electronic device usage. In my dream I think there was a second rule, but I forgot what it was. He politely thanked me.

      So I went to the bedroom to write down my dream on my iPhone instead. y husband grumbled that I had to hurry up, there was not much time. I realized I had forgotten my lucid dream! Although I remembered that there wasn't much to it, just became lucid and woke up, but I wanted to remember what happened before that!

      And that's when I actually woke up.

      7:35am More fragments/dreams - later in the morning, but no awareness

      I attended some sort of birthday party at someone I considered a neighbor in the dream. there was a pond. I noticed some dead fish, so I suggested that my almost 5 year old help pick up the dead fish and a banana and put them in a trash bag. I remember there were some amazing creatures in this pond, including a Betta fish that gracefully glided on top of the water surface and then transformed into a human and walked on the surface of the water. the neighbor got upset with my family for something, don't remember what, and for a while we feared revenge, but then he forgave us. I think especially one family member it was not certain whether he would forgive, but he did.

      my boss and me and a few others were planning to do a job interview, and those who had arranged the interview (some strangers) were saying that maybe my boss would not like the person interviewed, They said it in another language that my boss could not understand, but I could. They said that he might no approve of this person because this person was overweight and American, and while they thought my boss might forgive obesity in a foreigner but not in an American. Meanwhile my boss only understood his name and demanded a translation. I told them they might as well translate or else I would tell him what they had said after they were gone.

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