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    Hair Restraint and Why Capitalism Failed in Poland

    by , 05-22-2013 at 03:11 PM (614 Views)
    In this long and complicated dream I was somehow involved in politics of Poland (my country of origin, where I was born, but now I am a US citizen in real life).

    There was this blond thin very pretty very charismatic woman who in my dream was in a position of power in Polish politics and was also a close family friend on my mother's side of my family.

    She and a large group of people where house guests at my mother's home, and I was communicating with them mostly via phone and texting.

    One time we arranged to meet. The setting was an outdoor cafe with the tables and chairs set up on a bridge for some reason. When I arrived, the important woman, a male assistant of hers, and a prisoner were already there. We were going to interview the prisoner to find out important information from him, but I do not know why he was a prisoner and what the important information was. There was no chair for me, so when I arrived, they first pulled several empty chairs from a neighboring table, and had to readjust it, so that there was only one empty chair for me. The prisoner's restraint had to be removed so that he could talk more freely. It turned out that he only had one restraint to begin with: a hair restraint, and so the assistant cut the restraint restraining the prisoner's hair. (How a hair restraint would suffice for a prisoner, and how it would prevent him from speaking freely - my dream did not explain any of that, nor did I question it.)

    Change of scene to a political rally. The important woman was talking and saying "... And that's why capitalism failed in Poland." I interjected, "Excuse me, but as a proponent of capitalism, I have to correct that capitalism did not fail in Poland, it was designed to fail. What those in power called capitalism was designed to be unacceptable to people, so that they would beg those in power to abolish Capitalism. Which is what those in power had wanted all along." While I was talking about begging, I enacted the gestures of putting my hands together in exaggerated begging, and my perspective changed so that the powerful woman was higher up and I was begging her from below.

    I do not know what the consequence of my interjection was because I then woke up.

    Fragment 1: about personal finances and 401k retirement plan.
    Fragment 2: a fragment of a dream about my grandmother go alas is no longer alive. In my dream she was frail, so toward the end of her life.
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