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    Lost and found

    by , 08-16-2013 at 07:25 AM (519 Views)
    I remember this was a long dream. I remember there were several rounds of it, and it was kind of repetitive but not exact repetition. It was all about me loosing my sons over and over again. It was always either entirely or at least partially my fault, and sometimes also someone else's.

    I don't remember all rounds, but in the last iteration the boys were playing somewhere in a grassy area of a city street, and my car was parked nearby with the motor running and key in ignition. A woman who in my dream was the mother of some friends of my kids, but in reality is an unknown, she started chatting with me, and she then went behind the wheel of my car and I got in the passenger seat, and she suggested that we go for a short ride while we chat, and leave the kids here, but come back to them, and I agreed. After we had been driving for a while, she realized she could not easily drive back - I think it was because of one way streets that prevented us from driving back the way we came, and the streets were not in a straight grid like many streets around where I actually live, but they were more curved and complex, more like the streets of old European cities. So in my dream the woman abandoned me or just disappeared. I abandoned my car, and started walking back to find my sons. It took a long time. Eventually I found them. They looked worse for wear, a bit dirty and dischevled, like they had been living on the street for a while. They were delighted to see me, and I them. And just when I found them, my husband found all of us to. I had no idea how he found us because I had not contacted him, and he had no way of knowing that the boys had been missing nor where we were. I had the sense that my husband was reproachful about my loosing our kids, and he had every right to be, because it was my fault.

    This dream is reminiscent of a few previous dreams of mine, in which I am also lost, also with a car, and my husband in at least one of them also finds me, and I don't know how. And I also have feelings of guilt in at least one of them.

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    Tags: car, guilt, husband, lost, sons
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    1. Superman1's Avatar
      It sounds like maybe you were repetitive in losing your new growth over and over, due to your fault or maybe sometimes you thought fault of another part of you.
      The last round was growing well in this road in your life, and your motor was running to go forward, but nearby. So it seems you were not driving down this street your youngens were playing in.

      So, maybe you wanted to be friends with who was in control of the kids, or be in control of the new side.
      So this side of you went behind the wheel and you became the passenger, as you chat with this driving side, leaving the new stuff for a while, and come back to that, perhaps once you had gained control or direction.

      But it was a one-way-street.
      Can that mean in life you can not go back, only forward?
      Or probably that you could not go back how you wanted, to your new stuff? Maybe because you were not driving it.
      It was complex and not a straight road, in your mind.
      So your control self left you, so you had to.

      Yes then you found your 'offspring' again, worse for wear without a home in you, but the reunion delighted you.
      And your became in charge again.
      Then you blamed yourself for losing your new way.

      Maybe you had to talk with yourself about progressing, maybe because you weren't doing it or didn't know how at this point which made you lose your way temporarily in that area.
    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      Thank you superman, yup, that sounds about right. I especially like how you interpretted the one way streets - I had not thought of the significance of that part at all yet, it makes sense now.