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    1. LUCID with FAs: RC, fly through solid object, hostile dream characters , bow and arrow

      by , 09-07-2015 at 10:43 AM
      I no longer remember what happened before I became lucid and what tipped me off. But I remember realizing that this was a dream in a staircase, and jumping up and gravity did not pull me down (successful reality check), so I flew and I headed out onto a balcony and through a solid wooden balcony enclosure with my eyes open. I remember flying a bit outside before the scene changed and I lost lucidity, remembering I had just had a lucid dream though. There were some people at a loading dock and they seemed hostile, which tipped me off that they were just dream characters after all. So I regained lucidity, and flew up and started shooting at the DCs with bow and arrow. I again lost lucidity in a scene change, and this time I was sure I had woken up. I wanted to record my dream, but my husband kept insisting he had to finish reading a children's book to me. He read the final page, and wanted to start another, but I said no thanks. And my eyes opened in my actual bed (I checked).

      Oh and all this happened after a WBTB after I woke up at 3:40 and got up for a bit and went back to sleep with intention to realize I am dreaming.

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    2. Lucid: Fish in air, dream character, lots of flying

      by , 08-02-2014 at 10:52 AM
      After a WBTB with only a vague fragment about work from before, I went back to bed.

      I woke up and it appeared that while I was sleeping my husband set up this great wooden train track for the kids as a surprise, and it was well received only my younger son was there to ooh and ah. My husband had also used Christmas lights, awesome. He said to open the shutter to where my orchids were to see more lights there. I opened and there were no lights, but it was amazing how many critters had come out over night: there were slugs and millipedes among my orchids and I was fascinated not concerned. Then I saw the large fish swimming through the air among the orchids, and I thought in wonder. "I am dreaming!" I tried to put my finger through my palm to RC, and as I tried but did not complete the RC I watched and the fish then faded into thin air, but so did my dream.

      I was awake, but I thought no problem, I can DEILD right back.

      I thought it failed, and so I considered myself awake when I found myself outside a house I considered my own in this dream. It was a dark night. I was excited about having had a lucid, so I danced outside with joy. I think this is when I realized I was dreaming, but I may have it confused. I remember that sometime in this dream I transformed dark into light very bright light but I do not recall whether this was here or later. I reached the front door, and there was this woman there who wanted to talk to me. I knew she was not real, so I was not concerned when she held on to my arm and started talking. I said "Dream character, begone." and I held out a palm of my hand toward her face as I said it. But instead of being gone she started chirping like a bird and transformed into a young man still holding onto my arm. I did not want to stay with him though, so I started flying. As I flew the landscape transformed underneath me. I flew above an ocean, and then above a town (I now recall the town looked kind of like made out of blocks). First I flew myself, but then I discovered a flying carpet underneath me. I was fine with that. I know some of the flight was at high speed but then I slowed down to enjoy the sights.

      I woke up and my husband wanted to talk to me, and I said not now I need to find my phone to record this awesome lucid dream. He was nice enough to leave the room, but my younger son came in and wanted something from me. I was searching for my phone in vain and getting more and more frustrated. Finally found the phone.

      And that's when I actually woke up. I double checked this time with a reality check. Ah it was not another false awakening! My husband was asleep, and I found my phone without trouble in reality this time. I wrote the lucid down. It was an awesome lucid and very vivid. Part of me wonders whether I forgot anything that happened after the flying carpet - I think there may have been a bit more to this lucid. But I am not going to let that worry me. Yay, lucid!

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    3. 2nd LUCID in one night, but gross!

      by , 04-10-2014 at 10:22 AM
      I cannot believe it: a second lucid in one night! However this one was embarrassing and gross. My awareness and control were low.

      I was in a hotel room with coworkers, and one of my coworkers was lounging on a bed with me - yikes. My boss was saying how he now gets 2 weeks off because of Obama, and while it does not apply to us contractors yet, but the rule may change, and we may even get all of December off.

      Suddenly I realized I had made number two in my pants earlier without realizing it. And then I farted vehemently. Then farted a second time. Thoroughly embarrassed, I appologized to my coworker without looking at him. I thought "This can't be happening!" And that's when I realized that thankfully this is a dream.

      However my awareness was so low that I still thought I had to dispose of my number two in a bathroom somewhere before doing anything else in this dream. I had wrapped it in a napkin. Luckily it was small and dry.

      I thought, since this is a dream, I just need to walk into any door and expect there to be a bathroom on the other side. I picked a swinging door that was like a closet door sort of. It swung inward to reveal another door. And then another. An endless set of doors. I was a few doors in when I realized it was just door after door, so I turned around but even in the other direction it was just door after door. Luckily, I remembered that it is a dream, so I went into fast forward speed and quickly went through all the doors to escape this place.

      I was in a resort of sort, still looking for the bathroom to dispose of my awkward package. The next door was labeled Gasthoff in German for a hotel with restaurant. I did not want to go into the restaurant for some reason (low awareness). I overheard someone say that there used to be more people in this resort but they disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

      I decided to get out of here, and finally decided to fly. I was flying over the pool, when I realized I still was holding my package, and since this was a dream and no consequences and I really should not be carrying this around in a lucid dream, I just let it go. I listened for it and heard the sploosh as it went into the pool. It was a much bigger sploosh than a small package like this should cause. I was embarrassed again. The pool made me want to swim, so I swam in the air above the pool, but then thought that even though I had thrown it into the pool this was the air above the pool and thus still contaminated by association.

      I woke up soon after, and realized that this was barely a lucid given how low my awareness was that I could not even make it pleasant and stuck to the gross theme.

      The main redeeming factor of this lucid was the fast forward speed to escape the endless doors płace.

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    4. Long LUCID: went through solid window!

      by , 04-10-2014 at 08:24 AM
      Wow, this was a long lucid dream. Unfortunately my dream recall is not the best right now, and I know I forgot a lot of this dream, including how it started. I do not remember how I became lucid. It was definitely a DILD not a WILD though, and a WBTB because I got up and drank a milk at night.

      What I do remember:

      I remember at some point while lucid remembering that I should fly and so I from that point on went everywhere by flying, not far off the ground by flying nonetheless.

      I rember being indoors and wanting to go outdoors and there was a large balcony window and it was closed, and I decided to go through the solid glass with my eyes open. The sensation is hard to describe: kind of like passing through water but totally different, perhaps more like molted plastic but room temperature but not sticky?

      Outside I was with my older son and I was telling him this is a dream, but could not get him excited or doing anything.

      I remembered two of my goals: my goal to make chocolate appear in my pocket and taste it, and my goal to go to the Taj Mahal. I did not pursue the Taj Mahal out of some reason. I checked my pocket for chocolate, but it was not there! My pocket was empty. I tried to imagine I was eating a non-existant chocolate anyway, but failed to convince myself.

      I tried to recall the DV tasks of the month, but all I recalled was that one of them was Easter related somehow, but did not recall more.

      I remember I a couple of times at least almost lost lucidity or briefly lost it. Once I found myself washing dishes, but then remembered it is a dream, so why am I doing dishes? Then at another time I think I had a false awakening: I was in bed, but then realized I was still dreaming an levitated.

      I remember at some point trying to operate or look at my iPhone, but all it did was emit a slightly ominous sound and show what looked like a heartbeat or something. I but it down face down to not look at it anymore.

      I also recall at some point being bothered by not enough vividness, and saying "Clarity now!" Out loud. And one of my eye's vision got more vivid, but not the other one yet. So I wiped my other eye, and that cleared my vision to very vivid, but only briefly - most of this dream was only so so vividness.

      I also remember a part of my dream where I was exploring my dream home while holding my younger son while I was flying. He was about doll sized and only marginally more interactive than a doll though. I tried to get his interest in stuff. Among other things my dream home had this gorgeous grandfather clock that I got over to for us to check out, and parts of it seemed to be made of gold. In general my home was nothing like my real home.

      I also do not quite remember what happened just before I woke up, and I have the feeling my husband and perhaps my parents may have been in this dream at some point, but not sure. In general this dream seemed to go on for a very long time, and I was lucid for much/most of it. I remember worrying inside the dream already that I might not manage to recall all of it upon waking up!

      My favorite part was flying through the solid glass. Oh and I think but not sure that I actually did that another time later in the dream because I liked it so much.

      I am surprised that I had this lucid now. I have not been good at reality checking, my awareness and recall have been low, my memory is not good now. And still a lucid! I'll take it. So glad to have one, and to not just wake up right away as well. Yay
    5. Became LUCID briefly: why am I now wearing clothes in church?

      by , 02-15-2014 at 09:42 AM
      This dream took place in a combination Bed and Breakfast and Church sort of place.

      At first I was in my room in a bed and breakfast with my husband and I think I had just showered and was getting dressed. I think I had my underwear on but no other clothes yet.

      Then I heard my mother speaking loudly on the phone outside my room, but I also clearly heard the responses. I thought this was weird and looked out into the hallway, and there was the landlady of the bed and breakfast talking to my mom on the phone, while my mom was on the phone with her in the same hallway around the corner one the same floor. One could clearly hear both of them especially since my mom is hard of hearing and thus talks loudly. I thought this was weird. Why were they not talking in person without phones? But I did not figure that out yet. My mom was saying that the water temperature in her shower was not right. The landlady said to let it run for four minutes and it would adjust.

      Then I ducked back into my room because I realized I was still in my underwear only. My husband was saying that we needed to spend most of our day at church. I said that he can do so, but I do not want to because my mom is in town. He said, but you have to, since it is our anniversary and we are going to renew our wedding vows.

      That's when our room transformed into the church. I was a bit uncomfortable because I was in my underwear still, but I continued on with it. My mom was there now too, fully dressed - everyone but me was fully dressed. The ceremony was weird because there were readings but we were supposed to read them silently ourselves rather than a reader reading them out loud. There was singing. At some point when I was self-conscious about my underwear issue, a woman who was involved in the celebration brought my husband and me a blanket. I was grateful but still uncomfortable that I had insufficient clothes under the blanket.

      That's when I looked and saw that now I had a yellow blouse on. How did that happen? Wait a moment could this be a dream? I raised myself up and tried to levitate. The dream started fading, but I definitely realized that I was dreaming before I woke up, so for a second I was lucid!

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    6. Reality Checks Fail at Disturbing Visit, lost and doubting

      by , 10-06-2013 at 08:59 AM
      My family was visiting my dad and step mother, but we were staying next door in some sort of rental. I did not notice that neither their home nor neighborhood were anything like they actually are.

      My husband and sons and dad and step mother were going to go somewhere in a car, but I was not going. I was helping them to the car, carrying a booster seat for my almost 5 year old. I did not notice that the booster seat was a way more elaborate contraption than in reality. But suddenly they were gone, and I did not remember them having left, and I was left with the booster seat.

      i did the finger through palm reality check, but it failed. Instead of seriously questioning reality or following up with another reality check, I started rationalizing that something must be mentally wrong with me, that I must not have long to live. I tried calling my dad on my cell phone, but he did not answer. I rationalized further that they must have had another booster seat in the car, and maybe the one I was carrying was not needed. I did not notice that the booster seat then disappeared.

      I then tried finding the place where we were staying, but could not. The neighborhood was nothing like what I "remembered" it being - both not matching reality and not matching false memories. It in fact became a more and more elaborate neighborhood, the longer I walked. It was like a small tourist town with shops. I heard some tourist comment, how quaint it was, that they had no clue this charming town was there, that they needed to explore it more. I heard someone laugh.

      I meanwhile was panicking more and more, and doubting my sanity. i did more reality checking. Again just the finger through palm attempt, but again without serious questioning, and again it failed. However, by then I was too panicked to stop and think. I tried calling my dad again and my husband in vain. I was crying, and thinking that this can't be happening to me.

      And that's when I woke up, and realized that it was not happening to me. And that I checked reality repeatedly in this dream, but did not seriously question it, even though the reason I checked was because stuff was happening that should not be happening! Soooo close, and yet sooo far.

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    7. LUCID: Toilet in Wrong Place, Stabilize, Dissolve DC, Flying!

      by , 07-23-2013 at 11:10 AM
      Despite being a DILD this was also a WBTB because I got up around 3:30 am and made myself a warm milk with honey, and thought about dreams, and intended to lucid dream.

      At the start of this dream, I was outside with my mother. The area was not at all like my home's surroundings - lots more grassy open spaces for one, but in my dream I did not notice. All of a sudden I needed to pee bad. I ran for my home (or what my dream mind considered my home). When I got there, I realized that I forgot my purse somewhere outside, but luckily my door was open. As I was stepping inside the house, someone was after me, so i closed and locked the door. but they tried to get in, and then i realized it was my mother, so I opened the door for her. I said: "I forgot my purse somewhere close to the bushes, but now I really got to pee!" My mother said "So you forgot your purse," as if it were not a big deal, "so go pee."

      I went into the bathroom, and saw that the toilet was not where it usually is. My first thought was to try to rationalize it, maybe the toilet is broken. But then it hit me: it's a dream! As I turned to what used to be my mother, (s)he transformed into a strange man, and there was another strange man there now. But I knew it was a dream, and I did not care. In fact I out of some reason sat on the lap of one of the two men on the floor in the hallway in front of the bathroom, and I grinned, and he grinned back. I knew he was not real.

      I exited the bathroom and hallway area. The home now was our current home: same layout and look. I remembered that I had to stabilize my dream, so then I looked at my hands. They started shaking, but then stabilized. I don't remember any more how the first man disappeared, but I do remember looking at the other guy (this was not the guy whose lap I had sat in, but the other one), and thinking "why are you still here? I don't need you." So I stared at him, and he faded slowly out of existence, until there was just a transparent shape, and then completely gone.

      I remembered that I was supposed to have dream goals. I couldn't clearly remember then, but I remembered that some were specific to the dream competition, and I remembered that had just ended. So I decided to go with the tried and true generic goal: flying. I exited the house by the door, but then started flying.

      At first I had trouble and was flying upside down and did not see things well. But then my flight stabilized, and I was at a height that was close to roof tops. I was flying through what seemed to be a little European style town, very different from where my home really is. The buildings were all somewhat unique looking, but not artificially so - it fit the European small town look.

      Then while still dreaming, I heard and became aware of my husband shifting in bed next to me. I knew I was about to wake up. I looked around at the houses in flight a bit more, but then I did wake up.

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    8. Poker Table in Elevator - No Problem, but Elevator Numbers Out of Order - LUCID!

      by , 06-09-2013 at 11:50 AM
      To bed at 11pm, Woke up around 5:50am

      In this dream I was in an elevator. The door opened and an attractive thin, tall, blond, young caucasian woman stepped in. I asked her "Going Up?" She: "Does not matter." And she stepped to the side of the elevator where there was a spacious card table and several chairs lined up, and she started shuffling a deck of cards, setting up for a poker game. This did not phase me - I was not questioning things yet. Apparently my mind has no problem with poker games in the elevator.

      Then I looked at the elevator buttons to make sure my floor was pressed. The floor I wanted was 6, which is where my office is at in reall life. The woman had pressed 10 (though she had stated it did not matter, and clearly intended to just stay in the elevator to play poker).

      Suddenly I noticed that the elevator button numbers were out of order. I decided to do a reality check, to look away and look back and see if the numbers change. Out of some reason the reality check was not working properly, but I thought to myself, "Skrew that, I don't need a reality check to confirm this is a dream. I know this is a dream." When I thought that, the numbers rearranged themselves (though I have a sense they were still out of order, but in a different way). The dream started fading. The vividness was low, and I did not have the presence of mind to fight it, to stabilize.

      When I woke up, I tried falling right back to sleep in a DEILD, but was not successful, and I remembered several dreams from earlier that night, and had an urge to write them down - I had not written them down yet. I remembered to reality check only after I wrote them down, but yes, I am awake.

      Earlier Dream 1: Learning Hebrew - under 21 need an escort In this dream I was at the Jewish Community Center, and I was supposed to learn the phrase in Hebrew that I am under 21 and thus need an escort into the building. Dream did not explain why I needed to learn this phrase though I am not under 21, 20 year olds don't need escorts, and the people at the JCC understand English of course. But I did not question any of that. In my dream the phrase was supposedly in Hebrew, but in hindsight it was more like Spanish, and I understood most of it. However, out of some reason I said "This is too hard for me. Luckily my learning this phrase is just optional." My older son was with me, while I was learning this phrase. We were in the lobby of the JCC. My older son was going to go back to his school, and someone at the JCC reminded him to bring back a bottled drink for his teacher from the cafeteria, which in my dream was something he regularly did.

      Earlier Dream 2: Room Size Aquarium, Fish with Issues, Running out of Water In this dream I was looking at our aquarium which in the dream was room sized (in reality it is 29 gallons). I noticed that some fish were made out of paper but swimming, some had their tails bitten off, and some were mostly eaten, but all were still swimming. I was concerned about a guppy with tail bitten off because I knew that that guppy had been ok the previous day (I actually have this guppy and he is ok). I went around the corner to another ventage point on the room sized aquarium, and there the aquarium was almost out of water. I realized it was my responsibility to refill it somehow.

      Earlier Dream 3: Failed to Attend Work Paid Training While Out of Town In this dream I was out of town for three one day long IT courses, a training that had been paid for by my work, and somehow I managed to fail to attend any of the courses. I was worried about that, because I did not want to waste my company's money and they had paid for the training. I wondered whether I could make up the courses at m\home, and pretend to my company that I had taken them while out of town.

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    9. Voting at a Bar is ok, but my mom is on TV telling about a dream - LUCID!

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:47 AM

      So there I was at a counter at a bar, still trying to vote, and out of some reason I thought one could vote at a bar. I was looking in my purse either for my credit card to pay for the purchases at the bar or for my license as proof of identity so I could vote.

      My husband was saying how this election was to show George Bush that he could not limit elections to just some voters. But while I was still rummaging through my purse, my husband left.

      Suddenly I heard my mother on TV trying to tell about a dream she had had. She was much younger, like when I was a kid.

      And then it clicked. I shouted "This is a dream!" And I started doing sumersaults in the air above the bar. Out of some reason though I kept closing my eyes, and the dream was fading. I managed to notice that my husband was not there, so I expected to find him right outside the door, and so I opened the door and there he was. "This is a dream!" I shouted. But then I woke up.

      Memory of previous dream:

      The rummaging in my purse for either my credit card or license reminded me of a dream earlier that night, where I had the hardest time finding my credit card in my purse in a store, but then I remembered, I had just bought chocolates in the store next door, and I had them in a small paper gift bag, so I looked inside, and they had put my credit card with the chocolates! The person at this place said that this is what the store next to them has a tendency of doing. As I was walking out, I noticed that she had named the store on the other side of hers, not the one I remembered shopping in, but in my dream I rationalized that the two stores on both sides must then be owned by same owner.
    10. WBTB, brief lucid in laundry room, stupid wake up

      by , 05-18-2013 at 02:37 PM
      4:20 am woke up, before I moved remembered a dream fragment, but lost it upon moving

      Decided to do a WBTB attempt. Staid up about 20 minutes. Then had e hardest time falling back to sleep. Tried to WILD, gave up, tried to go back to sleep, almost gave up.

      Next thing i know, I noticed that I am in our laundry room. I thought, "Ah, but I am not really in the laundry room. This is a dream. I bet if I open my eyes, I will discover, that I am in my bed." And so I did.

      it was about 5:45 when I woke up.

      Note to self: Great job becoming lucid! Congratulations! I am really fighting my desire to reprimand you for waking up stupidly like that. Next time we are lucid, let's stay lucid and not wake up, ok? So awesome job on recognizing dream, and next time I am dreaming I intend to stay in the dream.
    11. Lucid dream fragment!

      by , 03-06-2013 at 06:40 PM
      I decided to take a nap because I am home and I can, and because I am still tired after my sickness.

      Before going to nap, I had sent a friend request and a pm to gab.

      As ai lay there, I decided to try to WILD since I have not really tried before, even though I before did not think I wanted to. Changed my mind.

      I remember seeing some images: an art work vaguely reminiscent of the Mona Lisa, a very bright corridor, but at that point I was not sure yet whether I was dreaming or day dreaming - whether I had actually fallen asleep.

      The first thing I saw when I was sure I was asleep already was that I had a Notification in dreamviews. Knowing it was a dream I clicked on it. Sure enough as expected it was a private message from gab. However, when I opened it, it was actually a message that I had previously gotten from gab and not a response to my friend request.

      Then I woke up. Upon waking up before writing my dream journal entry, I checked dreamviews, and yes I had a message from gab replying to my friend request (she said yes). I then proceeded to write this dream journal entry and only once I had written a lot did it occur to me to check whether ai am still asleep (no I am not).

      Yay, I did it! I had an LD! My first after many years.