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    1. Flooding Baby Monster

      by , 09-09-2013 at 09:53 AM
      I believe in my dream I could travel in time across parallel universes and relive variations of my life. I knew what was going to happen in the one I was in, and that everyone including me would die if we tried to save the baby.

      The baby was supposedly my roommate's baby not mine. The crib started flooding, and luckily I knew that there was nothing we could do to stop the flood or to save the baby.

      I told my room mate that this was not really her baby that we needed to leave. My roommate looked, and the baby's hair had turned grey, and now e head was turning orange, and the baby was growing into an orange monster. Luckily my roommate realized that I was right and did not try to save the baby.

      I ran out of the apartment door first, but then waited for my roommate, pulled her out and kicked the monster in the face, and as it fell back, I closed the door. I had a brief flash of accidentally kicking my roommate instead, like that was an alternate turn of events that I was aware of, but this time I managed to kick the right one.

      Hesitated briefly over whether to take the elevator or stairs, but I knew the stairs would be better. I do not remember actually running down the stairs, so I think we cut to the lobby of the apartment building like in a movie scene.

      As we ran out we shouted to lobby attendant, something like "Evacuate! flood!" He tried to stop us, but we ran out of the building. As we kept running, I called 911 on my cell, even though I knew I would be blamed for starting the flood, and even though I knew they could not stop it, and that a lot of residents of that building would die despite is call. But I did not know what else I could do.

      This was where the dream faded/ended, and I woke up.
    2. Bandits

      by , 08-29-2013 at 11:33 AM
      My father, my sister and I were in our van. (Woa, since when do i have a sister? In the dream my sister and I were grown up but younger than now. I did not really see the sister in the van, but she got mentioned and I just knew she was there.)

      Some bandits stopped us, and suggested that my father fight them in an alley, and if he looses the bandits get to rape my sister and me, and if he wins we may go. I thought this was a very bad idea and expressed my concern to my dad. He said "Do not worry, as long as there are only the three bandits, I will win." (?!) My father left the van and started walking toward bandits in the alley. I locked all car doors from the inside. I dialed on my phone "POLICE". A woman answered but I hung up. (?!) I heard a fourth bandit open the trunk (the van had a trunk like a car), and start looking through it. So there were four bandits at least, we had no chance.

      And here is where it gets tricky: there are three endings. I think I kind of thought of all three, and saw all three versions?
      Ending 1: I saw the bandit number four approach our car to break the window with a huge metal ship anchor, and there was no time for me to do anything.
      Ending 2: I called 911 (this time remembered it was 911, and not POLICE).
      Ending 3: I jumped into the driver's seat, started the car, and even started driving, knowing I was leaving my father behind, but no choice.

      The dream was quite vivid up until ending 1. And I think at that point my mind rebelled that it was not satisfied with that ending, so it flashed the two alternative endings in front of me, as the dream was fading away. Honestly I am not sure whether I was fully asleep for endings 2 and 3 though or whether I was already on my way to waking up.

      Fragment: eating the junk eel's head (that's all I recall - no clue what it means.)
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Lost and found

      by , 08-16-2013 at 07:25 AM
      I remember this was a long dream. I remember there were several rounds of it, and it was kind of repetitive but not exact repetition. It was all about me loosing my sons over and over again. It was always either entirely or at least partially my fault, and sometimes also someone else's.

      I don't remember all rounds, but in the last iteration the boys were playing somewhere in a grassy area of a city street, and my car was parked nearby with the motor running and key in ignition. A woman who in my dream was the mother of some friends of my kids, but in reality is an unknown, she started chatting with me, and she then went behind the wheel of my car and I got in the passenger seat, and she suggested that we go for a short ride while we chat, and leave the kids here, but come back to them, and I agreed. After we had been driving for a while, she realized she could not easily drive back - I think it was because of one way streets that prevented us from driving back the way we came, and the streets were not in a straight grid like many streets around where I actually live, but they were more curved and complex, more like the streets of old European cities. So in my dream the woman abandoned me or just disappeared. I abandoned my car, and started walking back to find my sons. It took a long time. Eventually I found them. They looked worse for wear, a bit dirty and dischevled, like they had been living on the street for a while. They were delighted to see me, and I them. And just when I found them, my husband found all of us to. I had no idea how he found us because I had not contacted him, and he had no way of knowing that the boys had been missing nor where we were. I had the sense that my husband was reproachful about my loosing our kids, and he had every right to be, because it was my fault.

      This dream is reminiscent of a few previous dreams of mine, in which I am also lost, also with a car, and my husband in at least one of them also finds me, and I don't know how. And I also have feelings of guilt in at least one of them.
      Tags: car, guilt, husband, lost, sons
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. LUCID: Toilet in Wrong Place, Stabilize, Dissolve DC, Flying!

      by , 07-23-2013 at 11:10 AM
      Despite being a DILD this was also a WBTB because I got up around 3:30 am and made myself a warm milk with honey, and thought about dreams, and intended to lucid dream.

      At the start of this dream, I was outside with my mother. The area was not at all like my home's surroundings - lots more grassy open spaces for one, but in my dream I did not notice. All of a sudden I needed to pee bad. I ran for my home (or what my dream mind considered my home). When I got there, I realized that I forgot my purse somewhere outside, but luckily my door was open. As I was stepping inside the house, someone was after me, so i closed and locked the door. but they tried to get in, and then i realized it was my mother, so I opened the door for her. I said: "I forgot my purse somewhere close to the bushes, but now I really got to pee!" My mother said "So you forgot your purse," as if it were not a big deal, "so go pee."

      I went into the bathroom, and saw that the toilet was not where it usually is. My first thought was to try to rationalize it, maybe the toilet is broken. But then it hit me: it's a dream! As I turned to what used to be my mother, (s)he transformed into a strange man, and there was another strange man there now. But I knew it was a dream, and I did not care. In fact I out of some reason sat on the lap of one of the two men on the floor in the hallway in front of the bathroom, and I grinned, and he grinned back. I knew he was not real.

      I exited the bathroom and hallway area. The home now was our current home: same layout and look. I remembered that I had to stabilize my dream, so then I looked at my hands. They started shaking, but then stabilized. I don't remember any more how the first man disappeared, but I do remember looking at the other guy (this was not the guy whose lap I had sat in, but the other one), and thinking "why are you still here? I don't need you." So I stared at him, and he faded slowly out of existence, until there was just a transparent shape, and then completely gone.

      I remembered that I was supposed to have dream goals. I couldn't clearly remember then, but I remembered that some were specific to the dream competition, and I remembered that had just ended. So I decided to go with the tried and true generic goal: flying. I exited the house by the door, but then started flying.

      At first I had trouble and was flying upside down and did not see things well. But then my flight stabilized, and I was at a height that was close to roof tops. I was flying through what seemed to be a little European style town, very different from where my home really is. The buildings were all somewhat unique looking, but not artificially so - it fit the European small town look.

      Then while still dreaming, I heard and became aware of my husband shifting in bed next to me. I knew I was about to wake up. I looked around at the houses in flight a bit more, but then I did wake up.

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    5. I know reality and change the current in the web (non-lucid)

      by , 06-29-2013 at 05:46 AM
      I think i was male, anyway definitely not my waking self. In this dream I knew the nature of my reality. To clarify: this was a non-lucid dream, but I believed I knew the nature of reality - that was part of the content of the dream - and in the dream I did not mean by that whether or not it was a dream. In this dream there was a powerful cast of high priests/priestesses, and all of us were connected to some sort of electric web. I at some point changed the current in this Web. The priests/priestesses immediately reacted that I must be stopped, but I was not worried (unstoppable?).

      I have the strong sense that there was more to it, but that's all I recall.
    6. Don't know where going (bar), election loss my fault, banned from iPhone

      by , 06-20-2013 at 03:35 PM
      I started out driving from work toward a bar. I was going to meet a man there I know a bit from work, and don't really know and don't really like on some kind of date or happy hour. But I wanted to call it off, and say another woman would attend in my stead (this is a woman I do not know in real life). I did not know the direction to this bar but was driving there any way, though I did not know where I was going. I was desperately trying to use my phone to either get directions to this bar or to call this man to call it off, confused which.

      In mid dream, my husband showed up and he was now in the driver's seat, and he was telling me that I would not be allowed to use my phone or iPad any more because he needed all our data plan for himself. And while I thought this was harsh, I accepted that I deserved it. I had caused the loss of the election - it was all my fault - I felt profound guilt. In the middle of this discussion though where my husband is saying how I lost all my phone privileges, I interrupt him to say that I now have to use my phone to either look up directions to the bar or to call the man I was going to meet to tell him that I am not coming but another woman is coming instead.

      Side note: I found the references to my two dreams from June 6th in this dream fascinating. It's like this dream is a continuation and spin off of those dreams:


    7. Poker Table in Elevator - No Problem, but Elevator Numbers Out of Order - LUCID!

      by , 06-09-2013 at 11:50 AM
      To bed at 11pm, Woke up around 5:50am

      In this dream I was in an elevator. The door opened and an attractive thin, tall, blond, young caucasian woman stepped in. I asked her "Going Up?" She: "Does not matter." And she stepped to the side of the elevator where there was a spacious card table and several chairs lined up, and she started shuffling a deck of cards, setting up for a poker game. This did not phase me - I was not questioning things yet. Apparently my mind has no problem with poker games in the elevator.

      Then I looked at the elevator buttons to make sure my floor was pressed. The floor I wanted was 6, which is where my office is at in reall life. The woman had pressed 10 (though she had stated it did not matter, and clearly intended to just stay in the elevator to play poker).

      Suddenly I noticed that the elevator button numbers were out of order. I decided to do a reality check, to look away and look back and see if the numbers change. Out of some reason the reality check was not working properly, but I thought to myself, "Skrew that, I don't need a reality check to confirm this is a dream. I know this is a dream." When I thought that, the numbers rearranged themselves (though I have a sense they were still out of order, but in a different way). The dream started fading. The vividness was low, and I did not have the presence of mind to fight it, to stabilize.

      When I woke up, I tried falling right back to sleep in a DEILD, but was not successful, and I remembered several dreams from earlier that night, and had an urge to write them down - I had not written them down yet. I remembered to reality check only after I wrote them down, but yes, I am awake.

      Earlier Dream 1: Learning Hebrew - under 21 need an escort In this dream I was at the Jewish Community Center, and I was supposed to learn the phrase in Hebrew that I am under 21 and thus need an escort into the building. Dream did not explain why I needed to learn this phrase though I am not under 21, 20 year olds don't need escorts, and the people at the JCC understand English of course. But I did not question any of that. In my dream the phrase was supposedly in Hebrew, but in hindsight it was more like Spanish, and I understood most of it. However, out of some reason I said "This is too hard for me. Luckily my learning this phrase is just optional." My older son was with me, while I was learning this phrase. We were in the lobby of the JCC. My older son was going to go back to his school, and someone at the JCC reminded him to bring back a bottled drink for his teacher from the cafeteria, which in my dream was something he regularly did.

      Earlier Dream 2: Room Size Aquarium, Fish with Issues, Running out of Water In this dream I was looking at our aquarium which in the dream was room sized (in reality it is 29 gallons). I noticed that some fish were made out of paper but swimming, some had their tails bitten off, and some were mostly eaten, but all were still swimming. I was concerned about a guppy with tail bitten off because I knew that that guppy had been ok the previous day (I actually have this guppy and he is ok). I went around the corner to another ventage point on the room sized aquarium, and there the aquarium was almost out of water. I realized it was my responsibility to refill it somehow.

      Earlier Dream 3: Failed to Attend Work Paid Training While Out of Town In this dream I was out of town for three one day long IT courses, a training that had been paid for by my work, and somehow I managed to fail to attend any of the courses. I was worried about that, because I did not want to waste my company's money and they had paid for the training. I wondered whether I could make up the courses at m\home, and pretend to my company that I had taken them while out of town.

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    8. Voting at a Bar is ok, but my mom is on TV telling about a dream - LUCID!

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:47 AM

      So there I was at a counter at a bar, still trying to vote, and out of some reason I thought one could vote at a bar. I was looking in my purse either for my credit card to pay for the purchases at the bar or for my license as proof of identity so I could vote.

      My husband was saying how this election was to show George Bush that he could not limit elections to just some voters. But while I was still rummaging through my purse, my husband left.

      Suddenly I heard my mother on TV trying to tell about a dream she had had. She was much younger, like when I was a kid.

      And then it clicked. I shouted "This is a dream!" And I started doing sumersaults in the air above the bar. Out of some reason though I kept closing my eyes, and the dream was fading. I managed to notice that my husband was not there, so I expected to find him right outside the door, and so I opened the door and there he was. "This is a dream!" I shouted. But then I woke up.

      Memory of previous dream:

      The rummaging in my purse for either my credit card or license reminded me of a dream earlier that night, where I had the hardest time finding my credit card in my purse in a store, but then I remembered, I had just bought chocolates in the store next door, and I had them in a small paper gift bag, so I looked inside, and they had put my credit card with the chocolates! The person at this place said that this is what the store next to them has a tendency of doing. As I was walking out, I noticed that she had named the store on the other side of hers, not the one I remembered shopping in, but in my dream I rationalized that the two stores on both sides must then be owned by same owner.
    9. Lost and will be late to Vote

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:42 AM

      I was trying to get to the voting booth on time. I needed to vote even though I had voted yesterday - one of those two day elections. I knew voting closed at 5pm, and it was almost 5. I was lost. I was moving further and further West, away from the city, but unable to figure out how to turn around.

      My kids were in the car with me. I thought of them as my kids, although I only saw one in this dream, and he looked nothing like my real life kids, but in this dream, I did not question it. There was chewing gum stuck to the radio, which didn't look anything like the car radio does either. And there was something wrong with the outside front of my car, though I don't know what - I got out at a light and tried to fix whatever was wrong.

      My husband materialized. I asked how he found me despite my being lost, he did not explain, and I did not ask again. He said he could drive. I asked, don't you have a car you got here in? He said no, but then I thought maybe we would get back here for his car after the election. Though I seriously doubted we could get back in time.

      The kid wanted milk. He wanted to know if the juice box contained milk. We said, no juice. He said that he wanted milk not juice. In fact he seemed to already be drinking juice. My husband pointed out there was milk in shopping bags in the car, but the milk was in gallon containers, so not ready to drink.
    10. Disaster planning huge ship (with public potty scene)

      by , 05-30-2013 at 11:44 AM
      In is long and complicated dream, I seemed to be in charge or at least deeply involved in disaster planning a huge ship. (In hindsight I wonder, The Titanic? But it was in modern times.)

      So as part of this effort I had to write this huge manual on contingency planning, and for this I needed input from a White House staffer. While our project had a White House liaison, but I thought that this one would not do, so I contacted someone else (who happened to be a bearded black man) and persuaded him to give me contact info for someone in the White House. I reached the woman on the phone. She was in the backseat of a car or limo. (Interestingly enough whenever I talked on the phone with someone in this dream, my perspective changed, and I was seeing them during the conversation.) The woman said that this was her time off, and that she had other plans, but I asked her "Do you want this contingency planning done or not? And we are supposed to get help from the White House." So, given these persuasive arguments she of course changed her plans, and came to study the documentation with me.

      Meanwhile my coworker (who was the only person in this dream whom I know in waking life) would demo for us what looked like a huge contraption with words and sets of large lights. On the left it would say something like requirement xyz or test abc, and then there were those huge lights that were lit if that requirement or test was completed. I remember noticing that this took up most of the little room and only covered a few requirements and tests thus far. my next thought was, "It is good then that this ship is so huge."

      The next scene, still on the ship, is an integration of someone else's dream I read on DV yesterday into my own! (With some changes of course.) I was about to pee on e potty, and so I found a chair and an attachable potty, sort of like one my kid used to have, but a grown up version. One of the people on the disaster recovery team or maybe a White House liaison commented that he always found it kind of embarrassing whenever someone peed in public. I responded that whenever you are on the phone while peeing, which surely you do all the time (no, I don't!), it's like peeing in public, and he should just get over his embarrassment. After all we need to get this work done, and there is notice for frivolous privacy.

      Toward the end of the dream I remember being dissatisfied with the effort be ause the quality of writing did not seem good enough to me, sort of assessing disaster recovery documents literary merit, and finding them lacking (shocker!). Another person reassured me that whenever he wrote an abstract (very short as opposed to the work written in this dream,which was a volume larger than a phone book, much larger), he would be dissatisfied, but then put the abstract to the side for a while, and return to it after a while, and then the writing seemed much better that he originally feared.
    11. Hair Restraint and Why Capitalism Failed in Poland

      by , 05-22-2013 at 03:11 PM
      In this long and complicated dream I was somehow involved in politics of Poland (my country of origin, where I was born, but now I am a US citizen in real life).

      There was this blond thin very pretty very charismatic woman who in my dream was in a position of power in Polish politics and was also a close family friend on my mother's side of my family.

      She and a large group of people where house guests at my mother's home, and I was communicating with them mostly via phone and texting.

      One time we arranged to meet. The setting was an outdoor cafe with the tables and chairs set up on a bridge for some reason. When I arrived, the important woman, a male assistant of hers, and a prisoner were already there. We were going to interview the prisoner to find out important information from him, but I do not know why he was a prisoner and what the important information was. There was no chair for me, so when I arrived, they first pulled several empty chairs from a neighboring table, and had to readjust it, so that there was only one empty chair for me. The prisoner's restraint had to be removed so that he could talk more freely. It turned out that he only had one restraint to begin with: a hair restraint, and so the assistant cut the restraint restraining the prisoner's hair. (How a hair restraint would suffice for a prisoner, and how it would prevent him from speaking freely - my dream did not explain any of that, nor did I question it.)

      Change of scene to a political rally. The important woman was talking and saying "... And that's why capitalism failed in Poland." I interjected, "Excuse me, but as a proponent of capitalism, I have to correct that capitalism did not fail in Poland, it was designed to fail. What those in power called capitalism was designed to be unacceptable to people, so that they would beg those in power to abolish Capitalism. Which is what those in power had wanted all along." While I was talking about begging, I enacted the gestures of putting my hands together in exaggerated begging, and my perspective changed so that the powerful woman was higher up and I was begging her from below.

      I do not know what the consequence of my interjection was because I then woke up.

      Fragment 1: about personal finances and 401k retirement plan.
      Fragment 2: a fragment of a dream about my grandmother go alas is no longer alive. In my dream she was frail, so toward the end of her life.

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    12. You do not exclude a teammate

      by , 05-20-2013 at 09:27 AM
      In this dream I was a male member of a software development team. I remember I was a white man, tall and skinny and strong.

      I don't know what our application was supposed to do, but there was an email component. The developer of the email component was I think a subcontractor of a different company, and the lead of our project wanted to exclude him as much as possible.

      First scene was like a demo, and during the demo the email developer figured out how to make things visible in 3D and in color. the lead resented this even though these were crucial developments in our project but she did not like that this was him who figured it out.

      Second scene, we are in our work area and our lead is telling the email developer that he cannot come to another meeting. I say to the lead, "You cannot exclude a member of the team and remain a member of the team, especially not after what he has done!" I bodily lift the team lead up. She is a petite woman. I sit her on a desk, and jab a finger in her chest to make the point. Then I suddenly get the insight, "Hey, I guess that means you are not a member of this team. Out!" And I point to the door behind me. She says, "You can't do that. I am the boss." And I say, "Yes, I can. And no, you are not. He is." I just know without looking that our boss who is her boss and everyone else's is in the doorway behind me. Will he support her or me? I wonder.

      I never find out because I wake up instead.

      Side note: Even though this dream was non-lucid it had this powerful moment of insight, where I felt empowered. this dram is inconsistent in that I say that one can't exclude a team member, but I exclude her.

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    13. Vicious mob overthrowing brutal prince

      by , 05-14-2013 at 02:17 AM
      In this dream a brutal prince reigned, who enjoyed killing people for fun. Then a mob rose up to overthrow the brutal prince. I was part of the mob. I remember there was a lot of gore, a lot of people died brutally on both sides. Toward the end I think the prince was overthrown, but I could not be sure because I was too far to get a good viewing what was happening. But there was a procession of sort, and the mob was not attacking the procession. I remember seeing a modern looking woman as part of the procession, and my dream self identified this woman as Eep. Upon waking I at first did not remember where I got the name Eep from: it's the name of the daughter of the cave men family in the movie The Croods. But the woman in my dream looked modern, well more modern than a cave man, and more modern than most of the mob anyway. In my dream I knew she was an influential leader of this revolution.
    14. Cop tail-gated by cop

      by , 05-14-2013 at 02:09 AM
      In this dream I was a male undercover cop. I was traveling on an interstate, when a patrol car started tailgating me. It was obvious to me that he was trying to catch me for speeding, but the more anxious I became, the more my foot accidentally pressed down on the pedal. I would catch this, and correct it, though. I knew this was called "baiting", but I was not doing it on purpose. Finally, my pursuier gave up. Then I pulled off to a reststop and sat down at the bar. I told this story of what happened to the bartender, told him that I was an undercover cop, knowing that the patrolman was bound to stop by this bar someday and hear the story, and regret (be embarrassed) that he had done this to a fellow cop.

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    15. Bad Guys Take Over Work Banquet

      by , 05-11-2013 at 03:00 AM
      I arrived late at a banquet organized by my work place. the sorbet had already melted, and all that was left was cool aid. Then the bad guys (terrorists) started to demonstrate how they could control people through the spiked food they ate. they could cause remote controlled agonizing pain or embarrassing sexual pleasure in those who had eaten the food. Then the bad guys proceeded to take the credit for our team's accomplishments.

      Oh, and somewhere in this dream I walked outside with a woman and noticed that she was a bad guy because she had a radioactive necklace that glowed in the dark. I was scared of that necklace and her.

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