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    Movie dream fragment

    by , 01-22-2014 at 12:46 PM (323 Views)
    This dream was like a movie. I just remember one scene. A bunch of shady character sitting at a table in a restaurant get one of them to play along into honoring those who come in by standing up. Then a cop comes in, and the guy stands up before he notices, and then freezes in shock. His buddies are laughing hard thinking he froze because he accidentally honored a cop, but then it turns out he froze because he recognized him as a former buddy. He then thinks that the explanation must be that he is disguised as a cop, but no the cop explains he actually had to become a cop because he could not have gotten here otherwise. I think he means either to this planet, or this dimension, or parallel universe, anyway something monumental like that.
    That's all I remember.

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