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    My Grandmother Cannot Come for Christmas

    by , 08-15-2013 at 06:48 AM (389 Views)
    In my dream my mother and stepfather came to visit me at the university campus (in reality I graduated from college more than a decade and a half ago).

    I was parking the car in the parking garage of the hotel on the college campus (there really is a hotel there). I did a very poor parking job.

    I spoke with the parking attendant or security guy about threat to life of a professor of mine. The professor dismissed it, but I believed there had been two assassination attempt on him already. The guy I was talking to said he would look into it.

    My grandmother could not come for health reasons (in reality she is no longer alive), Christmas was coming - I wondered whether I could instead make a brief visit to here (in Poland) but I was worried because I have a cold and might pass it on to her.

    My mom had brought a puzzle that required one to find a clue in a library on other side of campus (the layout of campus was completely different from my university's campus, and so was the library). It was like a scavanger hunt. We walked through the cold campus (it was winter in the dream.)

    The puzzle / scavanger hunt led one to constructing a paper or cardboard box with art design. I was disappointed, and I let my mother know that this kind of thing did not interest me, that we could have skipped the step of actually going on this scavanger hunt and could have just read about it. My mom was disappointed that I was disappointed.

    In reality it is true that my mother and stepfather are coming to visit soon. I am no longer in college, not since over a decade and a half ago. My grandmother is dead. There are no assassination attempts of course. It is not winter / Christmas. I do however usually do a poor job parking my car.

    Notice my dream signs: car, my mother, college.

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    1. Superman1's Avatar
      Thinking of your mother and stepfather, you did a poor job parking in this learning area. It may have been uncomfortable, or you felt you had to stop your natural progress perhaps. Then you spoke to your security about the threat to your progress of learning.
      Maybe you can place two past threats, but could mean two thoughts about it just before.

      Your grandmother side was not healthy, perhaps meaning liking this situation more, relating to your mother better, or where you could do no wrong. And you were worried in the coming festivities or celebrations - or coming together really of family, if the dream is about that - that you would make that warmer side cold, because of how you felt about your mother. I think.
      Then of course it's a puzzle, requiring to hunt for a clue in your learning on the other side of where you were.
      It was cold emotionally.

      Then maybe you felt put in a flimsy box, and make out it was nice - or that would happen - disappointing you.
      So you didn't want that with your mother.
      You could have skipped this step, and just known, or read it, already.
      Then perhaps you thought your mom would be disappointed too, or your view of her was.

      I think maybe you expect to be put in a box with her, while you want it to be more like with grandma.
      If only there was less need to struggle with each other. Then it would probably flow naturally that way.
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      Updated 08-17-2013 at 12:57 PM by Superman1
    2. JoannaB's Avatar
      That again sounds right, superman, and yes come to think of it the assassination attempts as threats to my learning side when with my mother does make sense: I tend to fall back on past thinking patterns when with her, and there is a danger of me acting like a child more than like a grown up around her, or the opposite acting out and lashing out to stress unnaturally how I am now an adult and don't want to be treated like a child - often overreacting to well meaning advice of hers. My mom's visits tend to be a double edged thing for me: on the one hand I of course love my mother and it is good to be with her and good for the kids to be with their grandma too, and I have been acknowledging more to myself how much we are alike, even though we are different and also how sometimes I tend to overstress the differences in an effort to deny the similarities that make me uncomfortable; I see I already started to move into the other hand, my mom's visits do tend to be stressful time for me, and I do realize that I would not be as stressed if I did not care of course.