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    Naked in a stranger's hotel room

    by , 11-06-2015 at 10:24 AM (286 Views)
    At the beginning I remember being with my father and he suggested that I should subscribe to a paid news TV station, and out of some reason I thought I would like to do that if I had a TV I could watch in the shower.

    Then the scene shifted and I was alone in a hotel. I walked into a hotel room, and there was an elegant business like woman cleaning it, and she suggested this room was not mine but the one next to it was. For some reason the two rooms were connected through the bathroom. I undressed in order to shower. The woman then suggested that I close the bathroom doors and I realized I had undressed in a bathroom with both doors open to both rooms. So I closed them both and took a shower.

    When I got out of the shower without putting on my clothes just in a towel, I went into the room that I thought was mine. There I noticed a heated table set up on top of the bed, with some dinner in it - I saw green beans and steak. I thought that's odd it's not dinner time it's morning, and I did not order this. That's when I saw the man wrapped in a blanket on the bed. He did not see me yet, but said "Who is there?" At first I lost my voice and could not answer but when he threatened he would call security. I was able to say that it was a mistake, that I thought this was my room, that I just took a shower. Let me get dressed and get out of hear. Then I feared that I was naked in a strange man's room that he might want to take advantage of this. And so of course he then said something that suggested he wanted to. In my panic I wondered whether I should run out of that room without my clothes. Out of some reason my clothes were all I had.

    Before anything else happened I woke up.

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