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    1. Not a Good Candidate Home

      by , 05-02-2014 at 11:46 AM
      We were house hunting. Looked at a house much further north from here, near a bay. There was standing water in the walkway to the house, and a sign said that one must be 18 years old to wade across, otherwise walk around for 39 minutes. We talked to a local man. He said that this time of year this area was ok, but in the winter it was abandoned when all the tourists were gone, and the fog was so heavy one could not see. Despite all that I considered moving there because of the good schools.
    2. Demanding food order

      by , 04-21-2014 at 10:30 AM
      Ordering or buying food for a difficult group of kids, including a vegetarian, someone on a kosher diet, a kid who wanted pizza with "peppermint, peppers, white meat, no or little sauce."
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    3. Fragments only: baking worlds and broken glass

      by , 04-17-2014 at 11:28 AM
      Something about making words in the oven? But sometimes fail because part missing or other issue.

      Drinking out of a bottle and there was a broken piece of glass in the bottle, stuck inside so it could not be extracted.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. The eagle toys/art

      by , 04-15-2014 at 11:53 AM
      I was with my younger son at a cabin of sort. There was a bookshelf of stuffier there, and I was told that almost all of them were regular stuffed toys except for the two eagles. At first I only saw one stuffie that was an eagle and it looked like nothing special to me. Then I saw the other one: it was actually made out of plaster, looked like a kid's art project, and it had a baby eagle with it. They actually looked more like owls, but everyone called them eagles. I was told the eagles were valuable and would soon be moved to the Smithsonian museum by curators who were trained physicists and thus very good.

      When the curators came, the bookshelf was empty. I discovered that my son had a backpack full of stuffed animals, among others the stuffed eagle. I reprimanded him, but secretly thought how is a five year old supposed to know the difference between art and toy if this is art. He did not have the plaster eagle with baby eagle though. We discovered the plaster eagles in a bin full of blocks. They were in bad shape. The face banged up and no more mouth, nose, eyes. The curators who came to pick them up did not seem concerned though. Perhaps this could be fixed.
    5. Fragmented night: candy bread and birthday party

      by , 04-13-2014 at 01:00 PM
      Something about baking bread with lots of candy in it. Preparing for my birthday party, and I think I may have been a young adult rich male, and birthday party was to be held at a restaurant. Writing a short story entitled War.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. A Counting (Accounting?) to Become a Government Employee

      by , 04-02-2014 at 12:11 PM
      In my dream I figured out that I could become a government employee. A coworker helped me figure this out. She told me that to become a govie, I had to count all I had ever done in my career: the number of web pages, the number of fields, the number of publications, the number of tests performed, etc.. I had thought I count not do that until years from now, but she said that as long as my numbers were high enough that's what mattered. My boss helped me prepare. Would I have to accept a lower wage? Yes. Would I need to leave my current position? Probably.
    7. Cabbage does not cause flatulance, it's snowing inside, can't paint

      by , 03-29-2014 at 11:41 AM
      Our friend George called to ask whether we could come over and help with painting the rooms in his home. I said I would need to talk with my husband once he got home and we would get back to him.

      Meanwhile George commented on my status on Facebook about cabbage flatulance (FYI, I do not actually have such a status). He replied that latest scientific research shows cabbage does not actually cause flatulance. I replied to him on Facebook that I was aware of that, but as a kid my mother and grandmother and nanny all told me this, and such habits are hard to break. What was especially difficult during my reply was that some keys on my keyboard were missing, so I had to choose words that did not use those letters.

      Meanwhile my husband returned, and I asked him about the room painting at George's. He said that he could not come, and given the weather conditions, he would rather we not get separated. I looked out the window and suddenly there was a heavy snow storm outside. Actually it was even snowing inside our home, but dream me did not consider that weird. I replied to George giving these reasons why we could not help, plus I assured him that he would not want my help anyway because I was not good at all at wall painting and I know how particular his wife (my friend) is and thus she would not approve of walls painted by me.
    8. The Warrior Queen

      by , 03-13-2014 at 10:54 AM
      This dream was about a worrier queen. In the early part of the dream she was not a worrier yet. There was something about her being emotionless. One of her subjects kissed her and said that he could do that because she had no emotions and this would not care. She replied "while I may have no emotions now, but I still have a brain, and know what you did was wrong."

      There was another scene where the queen was lying down with two young men who apparently were musicians, and their idea of foreplay had to do with drumming on her using their drumsticks. She did not like that. Afterwards her teacher commented that she was wise because while they were good as musicians but as young men they were not.

      A woman passed the queen on a stair case and felt attraction to her, and decided to approach her about it.

      There was a man starting a martial arts school, and she was interested in leading it with him. He turned out to be weak in martial arts, while she was superb. So he recognized that and suggested she be the leader of the school, and he would be a student. She agreed.

      Some worriers were going to hold a warriors meeting, and their leader said "All men meet in this room for a war council, while all women meet in this other room to discuss women's matters." The queen steamed with anger but joined the women. The worrier leader came to seek her out and asked "what are you doing here?" And she said "you said all women are to gathered here." He said "I did not mean you." She "you said 'all women'" He in a put upon voice "Fine, from now on I will specify 'all women except you'." She "No, you won't. Do not generalize about gender like that."
    9. Shoes and books

      by , 03-12-2014 at 03:04 AM
      I was staying in some sort of bed and breakfast, and they put us up in a room that did not seem ready for visitors (later in the dream it occured to me that maybe they had put us up in a room of one of the family members).

      The were shoes all over the floor layed out in a weird way, and there were books similarly layed out. I put the shoes away somehow, but was more interested in the books and started stacking them, based on my interest.

      Then the land lady came and wanted to know what I was doing. And she said they all had to go back to the way they were. I replied with how could I remember how they were lasted out before? But I said I would try.

      There was also some flash of me with the shoes or books in a different location.

      Fragment: my older son's summer camp left the kids in a fast food like location with playground all day. I was not impressed.

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    10. Disapproving relatives as houseguests for funeral

      by , 03-11-2014 at 11:37 AM
      Some elderly relative of my husband's had died in our vicinity (in reality my husband does not have any local relatives). I knew to expect one elderly woman to come as a house guest for the funeral and had prepared for that.

      However, on the day before the funeral it was not that one relative who arrived at my home expecting to be put up for the night, but it was several: all of them elderly female unknown to me and judgemental and unfriendly. Furthermore my husband and sons were not there to help me prepare, and the house I lived in was unfamiliar to me both in reality and in the dream. So I had to find new sheets for every bed in the house, and I did not know where clean sheets were. The bedding I found was really old fashioned looking, the kind one would find in an old person's home. But I could not find enough of it. I was fumbling around under the stern judgemental glares of my guests.

      One of the guests at least was friendly: a former church member, Caroline. I do not know why she had come, but at least she was being encouraging.

      Then I asked the guests what they would like for breakfast the next day. They replied "Nothing!" glaring at me even more. "One does not eat before a funeral! But after the funeral we expect a proper wake. You did remember to arrange the wake?"

      That's when I lost my temper. "Why would I arrange the wake? She was not my close relative. There are closer relatives of hers locally. I hope they arranged the wake. But if they did not, that's not my problem!"

      I woke up soon after that, disappointed to discover that it was already waking time.

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    11. No problem with coworker and massage in company kitchen + lost doctor

      by , 03-11-2014 at 03:40 AM
      10pm (I went to bed early feeling tired and feverish so already had recall)

      My husband called me to a conference call at his office to try to work out a problem he thought I had with one of his coworkers. The coworker started defending himself saying he had no clue I had a problem with him. I replied that this because I have no problem with him whatsoever, and my husband misunderstood. As I was leaving the conference room, I said that of course part of the reason why I have no problem with him has to do with the fact that I do not actually know him at all, and he agreed.

      Still in my husband's office, in the office kitchen: I first randomly give a female stranger a backrub from behind. Then it's as if I forgot that this female stranger is there and I definitely forgot about rubbing her, and I start thoroughly massaging my husband. He is fully clothed but on the floor in a way and I give him a full back massage while squatted on top of him. Very sensual.

      Only then do I remember the female stranger coworker, and that we were blocking her way out of the kitchen and forcing her to watch. I appologize to her. She says, no problem, and that she wishes she had watched me chew out Alexandro. I figure Alexandro must have been the male coworker in the conference room who I had no problem with. It occurs to me that he did not look like an Alexandro, looked very WASP. I explain to the coworker that there was no chewing out involved.

      Fragment: I was in a waiting room of a doctor's office explaining why I was there. I do not recall why. I had the sense though in the dream that I had been waiting for a long time and had given the same explanation many times before. Later in same dream I was trying to help the doctor not to be lost: I was telling him that the reason he could not find an office number was because the address was from before his practice moved to another building, but he would not listen to me, and just kept going and looking.

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    12. The Cat and the Murderer

      by , 03-06-2014 at 12:07 PM
      The dream starts with me arriving at "my home" somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Apparently it is a house we recently acquired, and by we in this dream I mean my father and me, although my father is only there briefly at the beginning of the dream. The house is very old and will need significant repair work. There also is no furniture in it yet I think in this first scene.

      When we arrive it is raining heavily, and my father expresses concern that the home's drains may not be good enough to handle it. And in fact in that moment, the rain is even heavier and the house starts to flood.

      Suddenly we notice a cat in our house. It is a very sad looking starved black cat. It eagerly hops into my arms to get away from the water. At some point while I am holding it, it no longer has fur, and is a naked cat with an almost human expression of suffering on its face. Later in the dream the cat has fur again though. I vaguely notice that the cat has a collar, but I ignore it, because I want this to be my cat.

      Another scene: there is no more rain, and a woman whom I know from church is in my house visiting, and I explain about the cat but that we have no cat food. She offers to go buy some. I request she buy two kinds for variety.

      I am walking on what appears to be a large stretch of land belonging to my home. I am holding the cat in my arms. And we are both content. I feel remorse though over still not having checked the collar, so I do. The cat's name is Sheri, and the names and address and phone number of her owners are listed. I am surprised that she is from the other side of the bay.

      I call the number. A teenager answers and she is delighted that the cat has been found. I give her my address and she will pick the cat up with her parents. After I hang up the cat seems to have an expression of delight on her face. Then a man appears who seems friendly at first but with a bit of creepy soon appearing. He fisrst appears outside.

      Then I am inside. The home now is fully furnished as it may have been in the scene when the friend visited (not sure) but unlike the first scene. Also unlike the first scene no mention of my father and I am living in this home alone now. I sit down on the couch. Suddenly the man appears and sits down across the coffee table from me. He wonders why my crochet stuff is not here. I wonder how he knows I crochet. I notice the cat is not with me, and I think she disappeared to hide from the man. I have the sense that he is dangerous maybe even a murderer. He gets up and starts going up the stairs to look for the cat I think.

      I realize that I never invited him inside the house. I have an image of him sneaking upstairs with a knife but I don't think he had a knife before. Not sure but maybe this is what happened in the house where the cat disappeared from, the man with a knife, maybe he killed someone there. But I don't know that and I don't know how I suspect that. All I do know is there is a creepy man in my house. I go outside to the car and dial 511, hoping to reach the non emergency police number. Because in my dream I think that having a strange man in my house uninvited does not wore want an emergency call! I explain to the police that I would appreciate an officer coming by my house to check this man out, but I sound defensive, like I know I don't have enough to go on to call the police. After all I do not know that he is a murderer, have no way of knowing.

      Meanwhile the cat's family arrive. I explain about the man. They say to call the emergency police number because if it is the man they think it is, he killed grandma, the night the cat disappeared, and is wanted by the police.

      I woke up before the police arrived or before the cat or man were seen again.

      Fragment: I remember going to a restaurant to meet my husband I think. I thought he said the restaurant was walking distance but when I start going there, I search for directions and discovered I would need to drive there.
    13. Redoing a scientific paper

      by , 02-15-2014 at 01:48 PM
      I needed to redo a scientific paper. Mostly I needed to delete redundant parts, such as diagrams that started with a chemical / molecular composition of something, then something else, and ending on the same chemical/molecular composition. Trouble was that this pruning effort was the suggestion of someone we were working with, but while I agreed it was needed, I worried my boss would not like it. This someone else we worked with was saying that the current paper was written "so old school", also suggesting that we should not strive to directly and thoroughly answer the questions asked, but succinctly show our capabilities.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Younger son balding

      by , 02-03-2014 at 12:09 PM
      I remember that instead of my husband in this dream fragment my five year old son was the one loosing hair.

      Upon waking up I remembered another fragment, but by now All I remember is that it was also disturbing and tense.
    15. Nightmare about Near Death Experience

      by , 01-28-2014 at 04:21 PM
      In this dream I had a hysterectomy operation (something I may need to have in reality, not certain yet, but got mentioned by my doctor).

      While on the operating table, I died or almost died, and had a near death experience. I knew that to return back to life, i had to find enough will to live, but i was not sure whether I had enough. I did find enough only to "wake up" from the near death to a scene on the operating tabel where I was opened up for the operation, in pain, and the medical staff unaware what had just happened to me.

      I woke up from this at 1am quite shake up and could not fall back to sleep without a half melatonin dose. Depression sucks.
      non-lucid , nightmare
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