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    Orchid parasitic vines and pest bugs

    by , 12-26-2013 at 01:25 PM (422 Views)
    Background info: I used to be so addicted to orchids as a hobby that I acquired too many. Once my interest in the hobby waned, I was left with too many plants, a maintenance burden, and yet a reluctance to let go. My mother gave me another orchid for Christmas and a dear friend also gave me another orchid. So now I have too many plus two new ones.

    In my dream I discovered that one of the new orchid plants had vines growing around it that I had not noticed before. The vines were choking it, and then I noticed that they were also embedded inside the orchid plant, so a parasite that could not be removed and would kill the plant. In addition I discovered that there were ugly disgusting white bugs in the box of the orchid. the orchids do not have such boxes in reality, but in the dream there was a cardboard box / case around the orchid plant, and when one pried open the cardboard box, there were those disgusting bugs, and I just knew they would eat the orchids, and then I saw they were everywhere in all my orchids, had spread from the new ones. I would loose all my orchids because of one of the new ones.

    I remember when I woke up there was also a memory of another dream, but now it is gone.

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    1. Quetzalcoatl's Avatar
      Have you checked on your orchids that your mother or friend gave you? In reality, there are usually some bugs on there that will ruin the plant if not taken care of properly.